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This isn’t the typical plugin to create Sliders: Slide Shows, Carousels, Sliders with Posts. This is a Slider with options!
It supports beautiful, responsive image sliders and slide shows. And that’s not all – it also can display any regular post in a slider or slide show.
You can even use Weaver Show Sliders as a Slide Show replacement for the standard WordPress [gallery] shortcode.

But, best of all, Weaver Show Sliders has been designed to give you options! You have more control of what content is displayed in your sliders
and slide shows, as well as how that content is displayed.

This plugin uses the FlexSlider jQuery script for the actual slider animation.

Slider Options

Weaver Show Sliders has been designed to give you more control of what content is displayed in your sliders
and slide shows, as well as how that content is displayed, than any other slider plugin.

  • Add sliders using a shortcode
  • Create multiple sliders – display as many as you want anywhere you can add a shortcode
  • Slider Types: Fader, Slider, Carousel
  • Multiple Index Paging Options: none, dots, thumbnails, and sliding thumbnails
  • Slider Content: Images or Posts
  • Easy Selection of Content: use the Weaver Show Posts plugin features to select posts and individual slides
  • Add custom posts with a special post type.
  • Use the WordPress Gallery tool to define images, or add images one post at a time.
  • Many display options: Previous/Next navigation buttons, Pause/Play, Autostart show, Add links to image, Captions, Titles, Descriptions, BG color, Borders
  • A Custom CSS option allows you to add your own styling rules for the sliders. Full documentation is included about slider classes.
  • [gallery] shortcode replacement slider
  • A built-in Lightbox to responsively show your images in a full popup lightbox.

Easy to Select Content

For images sliders, you can use the standard WordPress gallery generator. Simply add a [gallery] to one
of the new Slider Custom Post types. You can use the standard gallery interface to select images from your
Media library. That interface allows you to add captions, descriptions, even specify the order the images are shown.

Weaver Show Sliders requires the Weaver Show Posts plugin to specify exactly which posts (or individual images) are used for
sliders you define. You can use the special Slider Post type. You can pick up a gallery from any page. Weaver
Show Sliders will even automatically use the first image found on any post. Using the Weaver Show Posts filter
interface, you can easily select exactly where your images and posts included in a slider originate.

No other slider makes it as easy to select the source of your images and posts.

Other options supported by Weaver Show Sliders include more sizing and layout options;
more control over how images are displayed with titles, captions, and descriptions;
support for Videos in sliders, more control of Carousels;
selection of over 20 different navigation arrows;
display options for navigation arrows,timing and order options;
per-slider custom CSS;
and other options
to fine tune your slider.
There is no other slider plugin like it.


  • Weaver Show Sliders is Copyright (c) 2014, 2105 by Bruce E. Wampler. It is licensed under GPL Version 2.
  • FlexSlider is licensed under GPL Version 2.
  • jQuery Easing is licensed under BSD
  • FitVids is licensed under WTFPL
  • mousewheel is licensed under MIT


  • New: name from ATW Show Sliders to Weaver Show Sliders
  • New: Added Lightbox display option
  • New: Added Save/Restore Slider settngs
  • Tweak: alt= value on slider images, uses WP Alt value
  • Fix: fixed several minor bugs


  • Added Pro freatures to free version
  • Fixed Multi-site menu display
  • Updated FlexSlider and FitVids versions
  • Fixed preview of edited page
  • Fixed alt= tags


  • Tweaked Custom Per-Slider CSS box (Pro)
  • Tweaked some option wording
  • Fixed problem with minimized script file


  • Fixed “Enter” on text input areas issue triggering submit
  • Added support for Sliding Thumbnails for Posts Sliders
  • Added max-height for thumbnail pager images


  • Show recommended plugin only if user can activate plugins
  • Fixed animation time issue


  • Fixed auto-update issues with Pro version


  • Fixed arrow spacing when margins specified for slider
  • Added Per-slider custom css (pro)
  • Added selection of left/right arrows (pro)
  • Added show arrows in upper right corner (pro)
  • Added always show arrows (pro)
  • Added disable arrows slide-in effect (pro)


  • Fixed activation order issues with Show Posts and Show Sliders


  • Temporary work around for requirement that Weaver Show Posts be activated first.


  • Added arbitrary link option for images defined in a post (Pro)
  • When Video, will not use FI for image for all slides
  • Fixed opacity for slider pager when above


  • First release.

Author: wpweaver

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