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7 750 websitesFree WordPress Simple Facebook Page Widget & Shortcode plugin by Dylan Ryan


This plugin uses Facebook Graph API v2.5 to generate a Facebook Page feed. The Page Plugin lets you easily embed and promote any Facebook Page on your website. Just like on Facebook, your visitors can like and share the Page without having to leave your site.


  • Facebook Page Widget
  • Facebook Page Shortcode
  • Optional Facebook script enqueue
  • Facebook script loads asynchronously
  • Displays Facebook Page in over 130+ languages
  • Every support request receives a response
  • Highest rated Facebook Page plugin
  • NEW: Configure custom App ID (Advanced)
  • NEW: Display Page timeline, events, messages tabs
  • NEW: Display Page call to action
  • NEW: Visual Composer support

Widget Instructions

  1. Add a customizable Facebook widget through Appearance -> Widgets.
  2. Choose Simple Facebook Page Widget.
  3. Update the Facebook Page URL and click Save.

See the screenshots for examples.

Shortcode Instructions

Basic Shortcode Example:

[facebook-page href="" tabs="timeline"]

Custom Shortcode Example:

[facebook-page href="" width="300" height="800" tabs="timeline, events, messages" show_cta="true" small_header="false" align="left" hide_cover="false" show_facepile="false"]


Support is offered on the WordPress Support Forum for free, but please provide as much detail as possible as well as a link to where the issue is occurring. If you are comfortable with GitHub, then feel free to submit an issue. I’ll do my best to answer all support threads and issues.

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Author: Dylan Ryan

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