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208 websitesFree WordPress Simple Google News plugin by Kevin Spence

This plugin can be used in two ways: through a widget, or with shortcodes.

The ‘Simple Google News’ WordPress plugin makes it easy to display Google News results on your WordPress site’s posts or pages by using the following shortcode:


Available Parameters

There are a handful of optional parameters that you can use to customize the output to your liking.

queryDefault: none. Use this if you want to search Google News for a particular word or phrase.

limitDefault: 5, Max: 10. Using the ‘limit’ parameter, you can set the maximum number of results that you would like to display on your post or page.

imagesDefault: on. Images are turned on by default. If you would like to turn them off, set the images parameter to ‘off.’ Note: Not all news stories will have an image.

lengthDefault: 200. The length parameter lets you control how many characters of the description (rounded to the nearest complete word) should be shown.

regionDefault: us. With the ‘region’ parameter, you can choose to show news from a particular part of the world. To see the list of currently supported regions, visit link. Note the ‘ned’ parameter that’s present in each region link. For example, India’s ned parameter is set to ‘in’. That is the value you would use to display news from that particular region.

sortDefault: relevancy. This parameter gives you additional control over the results that are returned. Here is a list of acceptable values:

  • r (for relevance)
  • n by date(newest first)
  • d by date(newest first with duplicates)
  • o by date (oldest first)

topicDefault: none. If you want to display news by topic (ie: technology, entertainment, etc), you can do so with this parameter. For example, if you wanted to show technology results, you would set your shortcode to something like this:

[google_news limit=”2″ topic=”t”]

Note: the topic parameter overrides the query parameter. So if you tried to do something like:

[google_news query=”android” topic=”t”]

Google News would ignore the query.

Here are the acceptable topic values:

  • b (for business)
  • t (for technology)
  • e (for entertainment)
  • s (for sports)
  • snc (for science)
  • m (for health)
  • ir (for spotlight)

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