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The Simply Instagram plugin display your Instagram photos in three Endpoints that Instagram offers through shortcode for Post and Page or using Widget.

This plugin requires your Instagram ID and Access Token. Major update on version 1.1 is the on page Instagram Authorization. After activating the plugin, go to Settings -> Simply Instagram then login to your Instagram account and authorize this plugin to access your Instagram data. If you authorize Simply Instagram, it will retrieve your ID and Access Token.

This plugin is using prettyPhoto and Masonry.


  • Custom slideshow theme.
  • Personalize media viewer.
  • Option to use prettyPhoto or built-in media viewer.
  • Option to display photo`s statistics, caption and photographer.
  • Flexible admin settings.
  • Shortcode generator.
  • User defined autoplay slideshow.
  • Supports short code integration.
  • Custom images display.
  • Option to display trending photos on Instagram, your current uploads, latest feed, like photos, followers and following.
  • Option to display your profile in widget.
  • Follow @username function which allows your visitor to follow you in instant.
  • Option to display photo caption when using prettyPhoto slideshow. A major drawback for Simply Instagram earlier version is prettyPhoto inability to handle long photo caption.
  • User defined animation speed when using slideshow.

Shortcode Documentation( for guidelines only since v1.2.3 has shortcode generator ready in admin settings ):


1.) Endpoints - Main attributes. Short code will never work with this attribute.
    a.) Users - This endpoint is used to access your Basic Information.
    b.) Media - A global endpoint. It will retrieve media API response.

2.) Type - Types of which endpoint supports. It must corresponds with endpoints in order to work.
    a.) Self Feed - Retrieve your feed based on given output allowed. It includes photos of person you are following. This type is strictly for "users" endpoint only.
    b.) Recent Media - Retrieve your latest uploads on Instagram based on given output allowed. This type is strictly for "users" endpoint only.
    c.) Likes - Retrieve photos you like/love. This type is strictly for "users" endpoint only.     

3.) Size - Photo's resolution. As defined by Instagram, it has 3 values:
    a.) Thumbnail - Thumbnail size of photo. Exactly 150 x 150.
    b.) Low Resolution - Exactly 306 x 306. This value is the default for Simply Instagram WordPress Plugin.
    c.) Standard Resolution - The largest image with highest quality. Dimension is 612 x 612.

Shortcode and Widget samples, please visit these:

For using shortcode, please refer to shortcode documentation. Important tips in using shortcode attributes:

  • All attributes must be in lowercase.
  • All two string attributes must use dash( – ) except photo resolution which use unserscore( _ ). Sample “recent-media” or “low_resolution”.

Please follow the tips in order the shortcode to work.

If you have patch for the improvement of this plugin or you have suggestion for added features, kindly inform me using Support forum. I’m glad to include that in next release and I will credit you.

Author: Rolly G. Bueno Jr.

Tags: Instagram,instagram gallery,instagram images,photos,widgets

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