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2 718 websitesFree WordPress SlickNav Mobile Menu plugin by Neil Gee

This plugin adds SlickNav Responsive Mobile Menu functionality to WordPress.

SlickNav Responsive Menu has multi level menu support.

Cross browser Compatible.

Keyboard Accessible.

Degrades gracefully without JavaScript.

Creates ARIA compliant menu.

Option to add a search field.

Option to add a logo.


Advanced Filter.

Combine multiple menus.


The settings are found via the dashboard Settings > SlickNav Menu

  • Here you choose your Menu to be used as Mobile Menu – original has to already be on page

  • Maximum width for the menu to appear, default is 600px

  • Menu Label, MENU is default

  • Parent links, true or false, whether a parent link that has a submenu is clickable to a page

  • Show Child Links, false by default

  • Open/close Menu speed option

  • Fix Menu to Head, using position fixed to body tag

  • Option for branding logo opposite menu label – smaller works better such as 40px in height and up to 140px in width

  • Option to hide header with a ‘.site-header’ class when Slicknav Menu is visible

  • Option to add in a search field at the bottom of the menu

  • Search icon background color

  • Options to change the opening and closing symbols

  • Advanced filter to adjust Slicknav values –

    Demo – (resize browser window to below 600px)

    Please note that SlickNav jQuery plugin is the work of Josh Cope, he is not responsible for the working or support of this plugin.

Author: Neil Gee

Tags: accessible,ARIA,menu,mobile,responsive

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