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1 772 websitesFree WordPress SlickQuiz plugin by Julie Cameron

Create and manage pretty, dynamic quizzes using the SlickQuiz jQuery plugin.

Managing and creating new quizzes is simple and intuitive.

  • Unlimited questions, unlimited answers.
  • Save user scores (must be enabled in the options).
  • Share results via Twitter and Facebook sharing buttons.

More Features:

  • Questions can have single or multiple correct responses.
  • Answers have correct and incorrect response messaging.
  • Show correct / incorrect response message after each question and / or at the end of the quiz.
  • End results include a score (8/10) and customizable ranking (ex. Super Genius).
  • Quiz changes can be saved to a draft.
  • Randomly sort questions and answers.
  • Customize button text, as well as score and ranking text.
  • Customize error messages for removed or unpublished quizzes.
  • Load a set number of questions from a larger group.
  • Prevent submitting questions without answers.
  • Allows multiple quizzes on the same page.
  • Save user emails along with quiz scores.

Created by Julie Cameron. Based off the SlickQuiz jQuery plugin.

The SlickQuiz WordPress Plugin is now open source – contribute on Github

Author: Julie Cameron

Tags: education, javascript, jquery, quiz, test

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