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8 345 websitesFree WordPress Smooth Scroll Up plugin by Konstantinos Kouratoras

Smooth Scroll Up is a lightweight plugin that creates a customizable back to top feature in your WordPress website.


  • Choose from different scroll up element types (image, icon, text link, pill, tab)
  • Upload your custom image and set as scroll up element
  • Choose a FontAwesome icon and set as scroll up element
  • Custom text in scroll up element
  • Choose scroll up element position (left, center, right)
  • Enable/disable in home page
  • Enable/disable in specific posts/pages
  • Enable/disable in mobile devices
  • Scroll up element animations (fade, slide, none)
  • Set distance from top before showing scroll up element
  • Option to add custom CSS and Javascript code
  • Option to add an on-click event

Author: Konstantinos Kouratoras

Tags: back to top, scroll, scroll back to top, scroll to top, scroll top

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