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Looking for maintainers. This plugin is currently not maintained. If you would like to take over the development please let me know using the plugin support forum or GitHub issue system.

WordPress Social Login is a good alternative to this plugin:

Social Connect adds social login buttons on the login, register and comment forms of your WordPress site.

The buttons offer login and registration using a Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo or account.

It makes it super easy for new members to register with your site and existing members to login.


Special thanks to:

  • markusdrake for patches and helping in the support forums;
  • L D for patches and helping in the support forums;
  • Geodanny for helping in the support forums; and
  • Wirone for polish translation and patches.

And everyone else in the forums sharing the fixes they find and answering each others questions.


Social Connect is rapidly growing in popularity and help with the growing pains is appreciated.

If you’re a developer, you can contribute fixes & optimisations via Social Connect on GitHub.

Everyone can help out by answering questions in the Support Forums.

Author: thenbrent

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