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Why use Opinion Stage Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker WordPress Plugin?

  • Manage all your interactive content (polls, surveys, quizzes, forms, slideshow & article stories) from one dashboard
  • Opinion Stage makes it easy and fast to create content. It literally takes minutes to get up & going with a poll, quiz, survey or form
  • Create from scratch or use pre-made poll, quiz, survey and form templates to further speed the creation process
  • Boost engagement – add a poll, survey or quiz to your posts/pages to increases participation, time-on-site & page views
  • Drive new traffic from social shares – Using an effective quiz or poll is one of the best ways to increase social sharing and viral distribution
  • Generate revenue by integrating ads in your polls & quizzes – take advantage of the high engagement rates to increase revenue from your ads
  • Gather more leads by integrating a lead form inside the poll, quiz or survey. This will not only produce more leads, but will also produce qualified leads, as the leads will be associated with the answers of the users.
  • Works seamlessly on all environments – Opinion Stage uses responsive design techniques to fully support all platforms & screen sizes, including desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Reach your target audience wherever they are
  • Embed in any location – in the sidebar, inside a post/page, in a section on your site or in a popup
  • Supports setting the color theme, fonts & sizes & title ortientation of the different content formats
  • White label your poll, survey, quiz or form and add your own logo to make it seem as if it was built by your brand/site

Main Poll WordPress Plugin Features:

  • Create polls with 4 different graphic layouts – standard poll layout, image poll layout, thumbnails poll layout & head-to-head poll layout
  • Easily add images & videos into the polls either from your computer or by using an integrated search poll image function
  • Configure if user can select one or more options when voting on the poll
  • Allow users to add their own answers to the poll
  • Block repeat voting in the poll using different mechanisms (e.g. Cookie, IP, etc)
  • Permit user to vote on the poll once every configured time frame (e.g. every hour, day, etc)
  • Display a customized message to the user after he votes on thge poll
  • Configure to close the poll at a specified time. You can also always manually open or close the poll
  • Redirect users to different landing pages based no what they voted for on the poll
  • Configure the order of the poll displayed options (e.g. most votes on top, random)
  • Configure if the poll results are displayed before voting, after voting or only to the poll creator
  • Configure how results are displayed to the poll voters (only percentage, number of votes, both, etc)
  • Configure if users are allowed to change their vote after they voted on the poll
  • Configure to request users to follow your facebook handle before viewing the poll results
  • Configure to offer users to follow your twitter handle when they share the poll in twitter
  • Configure webhooks for sending the information gathered from your poll to any 3rd party application
  • Configure to integrate ads inside the poll to increase ad-revenue from your site
  • Get reports of number of views and leads gathered with your polls
  • View graphic presentations of the poll results including pie & chart bars that show the break down of votes in the different sides
  • View a detailed result table of all poll votes (e.g. vote side, vote timestamp, etc)
  • Export the poll results to an xls or csv file

Main Quiz WordPress Plugin Features:

  • Create a personality quiz, trivia quiz, score quiz, true/false quiz, assessment quiz, multiple-choice quiz or outcome quiz
  • Integrate images & videos in the quiz from your computer, from a link or using online search capabilities
  • Set the main image that is shared when users share the quiz on social networks
  • Configure to request users to like your facebook page before they view the quiz results
  • Configure the facebook & twitter sharing message that is displayed when users share the quiz
  • Configure webhooks for sending all the information gathered in the quiz to any 3rd party application
  • Integrate ads in the quiz interface to increase your sites ad-revenue potential
  • Add pixel tracking to the quiz to optimize your ad campaigns
  • View high level statistics of your quiz including quiz impressions, quiz starts, quiz completions, average time spend on quiz, # of engagements on the quiz & # of leads generated while users participated in the quiz
  • View the detailed results of each quiz question
  • View a drop-off report that shows the percentage of users that voted in each quiz question
  • View a detailed response report that includes all the details of each quiz submission (e.g. detailed answers, timestamp, etc)
  • Export the quiz results to a xls or csv file
  • Detailed logic of personality quizzes, including a scoring system for sides and formula for calculating the quiz outcome
  • Detailed logic for trivia quizzes, including setting the correct answers, displaying explanations after selecting answers, calculating the results and various quiz result display options
  • Support for randomizing answers in each quiz question to improve validity of results
  • Support for call-to-action buttons at the end of the quiz
  • Support sending to different landing pages based on the quiz outcome

Main Survey WordPress Plugin Features:

  • Integrate images & videos to make the survey appealing & engaging. You can either upload images from your computer or use online search to locate free-to-use images
  • Support both single selection and multiple selection questions and supports allowing users to add their own answer
  • Support open ended questions of different types
  • Supports informative cards that can be displayed inside the survey
  • Supports a call-to-action action at the end of the survey
  • Supports branch logic that lets you determine which question is asked next based on the answer to the last question
  • Supports setting variables that can be set based on answers of users (for example saving their name to use in following questions)
  • Supports social integrations, such as adding a social sharing bar, integrations with facebook like box and facebook comments and twitter message customization
  • Supports sending submissions via email to the survey creator
  • Supports webhooks for sending all the gathered information to a 3rd party tool
  • Naive integrations with mailchimp & hubspot
  • Integration with pixels to optimize ad-campaigns focused on getting relevant audience to the survey
  • Overview statistics that include number of views, starts, completions, # of engagement, average time on survey and # of leads gathered
  • Detailed response table, each response with all the answers and meta data such as timestamp of submission
  • Graphic display (pie chart & bar chart) of answers to each one of the questions
  • Drop off report to help optimize the survey for maximum completion rates

Main Form WordPress Plugin Features:

  • Supports Short & long text fields
  • Supports Email fields including 2 approval checkboxes
  • Support phone number field
  • Supports drop-down field
  • Configure to send an email to form creator on each submission
  • Support sending all the gathered information to a 3rd party application using webhooks
  • Supports native integrations with mailchimp and hubspot
  • View statistics on # of views vs. # of submissions
  • View all submissions including the all field entries and meta data such as timestamp of submission


  • Sidebar placement – you can add a poll, quiz, survey or form to the site sidebar using a dedicated Opinion Stage sidebar widget
  • Popup placement – you can configure to popup content (e.g. a poll, quiz, survey, etc) when users enter or exit your site using a highly configurable popup component
  • Articles placement – you can display the a poll, quiz, survey or form at the end of all your posts/pages by enabling the articles placement

Language support

Opinion Stage supports over 42 languages, missing a language? Let us know!

About Opinion Stage:

Opinion Stage is a powerful & easy-to-use interactive content (e.g. poll, quiz, survey, forms, etc) creation service. Opinion Stage’s highly engaging content formats are used to boost engagement, gather leads, generate revenue and to extract actionable insights. Opinion Stage works with world-leading publishers, brands & agencies as well as small sites & blogs, offering their audiences content engagement experiences that convert to measurable business values. For more details, visit the Opinion Stage site.


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