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WordPress event calendar is a FREE user-friendly responsive plugin to manage multiple recurring events and various display options. This free plugin makes event registration and events management easy and lets you display beautiful responsive calendars, upcoming events and more. It’s perfect for websites organising seminars, summits, conferences, concerts, meetings, and more.

This tool is a highly configurable plugin which allows you to have multiple organized events in one calendar. It is one of the best plugin of its kind available in WordPress Directory. If you have problem with organizing your events and displaying them in a calendar format, then this plugin is the best solution.

Maybe you just want to have a quick look at your schedule to remind yourself about the future appointments or online reservations? Or you want to bring together your holiday occasions, webinars, and events lists? This WordPress plugin comes with advanced event manager tools and options. Spider WordPress Calendar is a great online events organizer and events manager plugin. It’s a feature-rich event manager plugin allowing you to use it as an editorial, news or availability agenda.

You can add unlimited number of calendars and events on your website. You can have a separate upcoming events widget on any page you’d like.

There is also a possibility of displaying the events in a list view. The product includes a widget called Upcoming events, allowing to have a specific number of upcoming events arranged in ordered or randomized option.

Possibility to add multiple events for a single date, including events from different categories.
You can display the calendar in a smaller format for all pages using its widgets.
Different categories created for the events will be displayed as a legend below the calendar. This will allow the users to manage the types of the events they are looking for.

This advanced events plugin allows you to provide detailed information about the upcoming events you have. You can provide event dates, time, venue, mention the event organizers, upload an image or a video for a particular event, and more. If you have an event page on your website you can use the shortcode of the plugin to display it on the page.

Also, that can be a very good place to display an upcoming events widget. For websites with long events lists there is an event filter option in the front end to help your site visitors filter out events they are not interested in.

Its recurring events option makes event scheduling even easier. You just need to provide the repeating rate of the event.

Spider Calendar comes with a number of event display options, and themes, but if you want to have custom styles, you can add new themes with customized settings and options.

Upgrade to WordPress Calendar Pro to add features:

  • 17 standard themes included in extension package for the plugin and 6 themes for the widget.
  • Possibility to alter the width of the widget and main calendar.
  • You can change date color, font size and font family in the event popup.
  • Possibility to change arrow color and background color in the event popup.
  • Possibility to change event popup background color.
  • Possibility to define the height and width of the popup.
  • Possibility to define the number of displayed events in the popup.
  • Possibility to change next, previous and current month font size and color.
  • Possibility to change current day cell border color.
  • Possibility to define the main border radius, color and width.
  • You have also possibility to change popup window parameters.
  • Possibility to add new themes based on the default theme.
  • Possibility of displaying/hiding the category legend below the calendar widget.
  • Possibility of selecting the start day of the week (Monday, Sunday).
  • Possibility to select event date style in the popup.
  • Possibility to set a number of events to be displayed within a single day


If you think you found a bug in the plugin or have any problem/question concerning the plugin, please check out Support Forum. If you do not find a solution here, do not hesitate to contact us at

Privacy Policy

This plugin does not collect any data from website, neither collects visitors data in the sites it is installed on. No tracking is performed and no embeds/cookies are included along with the plugin. The plugin asks for your consent to collect site administrator’s email address and site URL to offer customer support, deals and discounts on premium products and more.

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