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Testimonial Slider shows the testimonials and feedbacks submitted by your Happy Customers in a clean, responsive and beautiful Slider format. The “Testimonials” are a Custom Post Type so it is very easy to add, modify and delete testimonials. You can enter the Customer’s Image/Avatar, Name, Company, Website in the Custom Fields for the Testimonial and the actual Testimonial text in the “Description”. It is as simple as that!

Important notice about this plugin’s maintainership and future

This plugin is (October 2018) under new maintainership. The previous maintainer (whom we sincerely thank for his work) was no longer working on it. Security issues had been discovered, and not fixed, and the repository had closed the plugin. We have taken over maintainership solely for the purposes of keeping the plugin alive (since we were using it on our own live sites) and secure. No future feature developments are planned, though, you are welcome to send in new code for us to evaluate for inclusion if you are interested yourself. As such, we do not particularly recommend using this plugin on new sites, as it has no planned future of new features, only of being kept alive. Accordingly, whilst users are of course welcome and encouraged to support eachother in the forums, we will be quite likely to pass over anything found there except significant bug reports.


  • 5 Stylish Skins
  • Create Unlimited Testimonials Slider Settings
  • Add List View of Slider Quickly
  • Add only specific “Testimonials” to Custom Slider
  • Show “Category” specific Testimonials
  • Show “Recent” testimonials auto fetched by the slider
  • Show the Testimonials List using Template tag or Shortcode
  • Shortcodes and Widgets available
  • Multiple Sliders, Multiple Settings and Multiple transition effects supported.

  • Language Files Available

    • Spanish
    • Dutch
    • French


Option 1 – Widget

  • Use Testimonial Slider – Simple Widget, Testimonial Category Widget or Testimonial Recent Slider Widget to insert the Slider in the Widgetized area of your WordPress theme

Option 2 – Manual Insertion of Shortcode

  • To insert the Testimonial Slider, paste the below shortcode in the content section of your WordPress post/page:


  • Category Shortcode

    [testimonialcategory catg_slug=”support”]

  • Recent Testimoniials in Slider


  • Testimonials List


Please refer the Testimonial Slider Documentation for more details. N.B. The linked site is maintained by a previous maintainer. We cannot guarantee it will remain operative into the future.

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