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This is jquery based image horizontal slider plugin, it is using tiny carousel light weight jquery script to the slideshow. in the admin we have option to set image folder location and gallery style. in this plugin there is no option to add description for the images.

Plugin advantage

  • Easy to customize.
  • Support all browser.
  • Automatically pauses on mouse over.
  • Short code available for pages and posts.
  • Supports navigation by button.
  • Option to set number of images to move at a time
  • Option to set a interval for automatic slide.
  • Supports localization
  • Responsive

Plugin configuration

Add directly in the theme: Add plugin PHP code in your theme PHP file, for example if you want to add this slider in your website footer, just activate the plugin and add plugin PHP code in footer.php file.

Short code for posts and pages: Use plugin short code in the pages or posts to render the slideshow in pages or posts.


Author: Gopi Ramasamy

Tags: carousel, horizontal, slider, tiny

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