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300 websitesFree WordPress Ultimate CMS plugin by XYDAC

The plugin is divided in five parts:

  • Archive Manager
  • Post Type Manager
  • Page Type Manager
  • Taxonomy Manager
  • Shortcode Manager
  • Forms

One of the major component of the plugin are Custom Field Types without which no Custom Field would have existed.It is basically a generalization of custom field types, so that any PHP developer can create the own custom field types and also share it with different people.
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Some Features

  • Manage Custom Post Types.
  • Manage Custom Taxonomies
  • Manage Custom Page Types.
  • Manage Custom Archives.
  • Manage Custom Field Types.
  • Manage Custom Shortcode types.
  • Cool UI for manipulating WordPress
  • Enable and disable various WordPress tweaks

You’ll need to check out the plugin website to have a better look
[Plugin URL]

Author: XYDAC

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