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This social plugin makes placing social share icons on your site REALLY easy.

This free plugin has a lot to offer. Even more can be found in the Premium Plugin, please watch this short video:

See all features of the Premium plugin.

Key features of the free plugin:

  • Select from a wide range of social share platforms (see a list of them below)
  • Pick from 16 stylish design styles for your social share buttons
  • Place the social share buttons before or after posts, floating, via widget, via shortcode, or define the location on the page (top right, bottom left etc.)
  • Give several actions to one social share button (e.g. your Facebook icon can lead visitors to your Facebook page, and also show a Facebook button to share your page on social media)
  • Give your social share buttons an animation (e.g. automatic shuffling, mouse-over effects) to make your visitors aware of them, increasing the chance that they follow, like or share your site
  • Add counts to your share buttons
  • Display a pop-up (on all or only on selected pages) asking people to follow or share you
  • Allow visitors to subscribe to your site and receive new posts automatically by email
  • Select from many other customization features for your social share buttons

For GDPR compliance, please have a look at our Social Media GDPR Compliance page.

In case of issues or questions please ask in the [Support forum] (

The plugin takes you through eight easy-to-answer questions so that configuring your social share icons becomes a no-brainer:

Question 1: Which social share buttons do you want to display?

You can select the following:

  • Facebook share icon
  • Twitter share icon
  • Email icon
  • RSS icon
  • Instagram share icon
  • Google plus share icon
  • Youtube share icon
  • Pinterest share icon
  • LinkedIn share icon
  • Houzz share icon
  • Share icon (allows your visitors to share your site on over 200+ other social media sites; powered by addthis/sharethis)

You can also upload custom social share buttons of your choice.

The Premium Plugin offers many more social share icons and buttons. The premium share button set includes a…

  • Snapchat share icon
  • Yummly share icon
  • Whatsapp share icon (and also “send me direct message” and other functions)
  • Phone icon
  • Yelp share icon
  • Soundcloud share icon
  • Skype icon
  • Flickr share icon
  • Blogger share icon
  • Reddit share icon
  • Vimeo share icon
  • Tumblr share icon
  • Xing share icon
  • Vkontakte icon / VK icon
  • Telegram icon
  • Amazon icon
  • Goodreads icon
  • Angies list icon
  • Steam icon
  • Twitch icon
  • Spotify icon
  • Odnoklassniki icon / OK icon (
  • Buffer icon
  • Weibo icon
  • Pocket icon
  • Meneame icon
  • Frype icon
  • LiveJournal icon
  • Patreon icon
  • Dloky icon
  • Discord icon
  • Github icon
  • WordPress icon
  • Etsy icon
  • Better Business Bureau icon
  • Digg icon
  • Delicious icon
  • Print icon

If there are any important social share networks not covered yet, please let us know!

Question 2: What shall the social share buttons do?

Under this question you define what should happen if your visitors click on the social sharing icons.

The options are plenty, for example for the Facebook button you can allow users to:

  • Visit your Facebook page
  • Give your page a Facebook Like
  • Share it with friends (on Facebook)

For the Twitter button you can allow users to:
* Visit you on Twitter
* Follow you on Twitter (without leaving your page)
* Tweet your page to the Twitter community

For the Youtube button you can allow users to:
* Visit you on Youtube
* Subscribe to you on Youtube (just by pressing the Youtube button, without leaving your page)

For the Pinterest button you can allow users to:
* Visit you on Pinterest
* Pin your site on Pinterest

For the LinkedIn button you can allow users to:
* Visit your LinkedIn page
* Follow you on LinkedIn (without leaving your website)
* Share your page on LinkedIn
* Recommend your business or product on LinkedIn

For the Google+ button you can allow users to:

  • Visit your Google+ page
  • Give your page a “Google+ like”
  • Share it with friends (on Google+)

The other social share buttons provide similar functions. If you’ve given one social share icon several functions then users will see a little popup (tooltip) where they can select what they want to do, e.g. share it on social media, or just link to your social media profile, or follow you via social media with one click etc.

Question 3: Where shall the social sharing icons be displayed?

Now it’s time to define where the social sharing icons should show up. You can select to show them:

  • Via widget: In the widget are you’ll see the social media widget where you can drag & drop it onto your sidebar or footer area.
  • Float on the page: You can define the location of the social share buttons, e.g. top right, center left etc., and the margins from the top/bottom/left/right. The social share buttons will appear as flying buttons which move as the user scrolls down.
  • Manually: Place the social share buttons via shortcode [DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS] or insert a php string into your theme.
  • Show the social sharing icons before or after posts: Here you can select the social sharing icons to show before or after posts. You can choose to show the social sharing icons you selected above (round/squared layout), or pick from a different (rectangle) set of social share icons. You can also define a text before the social share icons, e.g. “Please follow and share us!” and define the alignment of the social share icons (left/right/center).

The following questions are optional only, however most likely you will want to go through them to individualize the social share icon’s appearance even more:

Question 4: What design & animation do you want to give your social share icons?

Here you can define how the social sharing buttons should look like. You can select from 16 social share design options (see screenshots).

You can also give any social share icon mouse-over effects, such as “fading effects” (sharing buttons fade in/out if moved over), “scale” (sharing buttons become larger if moved over) or “combo” (combination of the previous two).

If you want to give a subtle hint to your visitors to share, like or follow your site, then you can animate your social share buttons, for example you can let them shuffle automatically (e.g. when the site first loads, or after X seconds as defined by you).

Question 5: Do you want to display counts next to your social share icons?

Under this question you can decide to display counts next to your social share icons. All social share icons have the option to show manual counts, however for some social share icons automatic options are available.

For example, for your Facebook share button you can show the number of times the page got liked where the share icon is on (i.e. your site), or the number of likes count of your Facebook page.

For the Googleplus share button similar options are available. For the Twitter share button you can show the number of your followers on Twitter, which gets updated dynamically.

Question 6: Any other wishes for your main social share buttons?

Here you get many other options to tailor the social share buttons to your needs. For example, you can:

  • Define the order of your social share buttons
  • Define the size of your social share buttons
  • Define the space between the social share buttons
  • Define the alignment of social share buttons (with respect to each other)
  • Decide how many social share buttons should be displayed per row
  • Pick a language for your visit us / like / follow / social share buttons
  • Decide to open windows in a new window (or same window) after user clicked on the social share buttons
  • Make the social share buttons stick (if placed via widget, so still visible if user scrolls down)
  • Disable float social share buttons on mobile devices
  • Disable auto-scaling feature of the social share buttons for mobile devices (“viewport” meta tag)
  • Give your social share buttons mouse-over texts

Question 7: Do you want to display a pop up?

A pop-up can make it more likely that your visitors share, follow or like your site (or connect with you). Therefore you can decide to show such a popup containing your social share buttons, and define…
* The layout of the pop up, i.e. displayed text, font type, font style, font color, background color, border color, border thickness, and border shadow.
* Where the pop-up shall be shown, i.e. on ever page, on blog posts only, or on selected pages only.
* When the pop-up shall be shown, i.e. once every X seconds after the user arrived on the site, or every time the user scrolls to the end of the page.

Question 8: Do you want to show a subscription form?

In addition to an email button you can also place a subscription form on your site, making it more likely that users subscribe and follow your site. It works in a similar way as a newsletter (using RSS technology, but not linked to your RSS button).

You can define the detailed layout of the subscription form, and have various options how to place it (via widget, shortcodes, or by copy/pasting HTML code on your site).

Premium Plugin

The free plugin already provides tons of options for social sharing (as outlined above). In our Premium Plugin, even more is possible. Some examples for additional features in the Premium Plugin:

  • More social share buttons (the icon pack includes an Instagram button, Snapchat button, Yummly button, Print button, Whatsapp button, Yelp button, Soundcloud button, Skype button, Flickr button, Share button, Blogger button, Digg button, Reddit button, Vimeo button, Tumblr button, Xing button, vk button, Telegram button, Amazon button, Spotify button and many more badge, see list above)
  • More (default) design styles for your social share icons
  • Themed design styles for your social share buttons (e.g. if you have a site about cats, you can pick from cat-themed buttons etc.)
  • Better sharing & following features (tailored tweet texts, allow people to follow you directly on your page etc.)
  • Place the social share icons on specific pages
  • Optimized for mobile sharing and buton display
  • More functions for email icon to connect with you
  • More lightbox / popup options (e.g. limit how often the popup is shown to the same user)
  • (Friendly and fast) Support
  • Many more settings & options

See all features of the Premium Plugin.

In case of issues or questions please ask in the [Support forum] (

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