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Ultimate WP Query Search Filter is a powerful search engine that lets your users perform more precise searches by filtering the search through post types, taxonomies and meta fields. The search result can be displayed either through the theme search template or an Ajax call.

Plugin Features:

  • Admins are free to choose whether the search filters post type, taxonomy, meta field or even all three.
  • Multiple search forms supported.
  • Free to choose either theme search template or Ajax call to display the result for each of the search forms.
  • Search forms support checkbox, radio and select fields.
  • Plugin extendable with hooks.
  • The search form can be displayed via shortcode.

If you have any problems with the current plugin, please leave a message via support forum post or go Here to visit the 9-SEC forum.

Author: TC

Tags: custom meta field,custom post type,Search Filter,taxonomy & meta field filter,taxonoy

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