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16 974 websitesFree WordPress Galleries by Angie Makes plugin by Chris Baldelomar

The Galleries by Angie Makes plugin adds robust gallery features to your WordPress theme. These gallery options work flawlessly with Angie Makes WordPress themes. This no-fuss plugin is perfect for Photographers, Creatives, and anyone else looking to display their site images in serious style.


See A DEMO of what You Can do With the Angie Makes Galleries Plugin Here:


Here are just a few options the Angie Makes Galleries Plugin offers:

  • Mosaic / Pinterest-esque Tiling Images
  • Display Images in 1-9 Mosaic
  • Tiling Columns
  • Link Images to Internal or External Site Urls
  • Carousel
  • Slider
  • Slider with Bottom Image Links

Professional Support

We have tested this plugin to work with the latest version of WordPress, but do not offer individual troubleshooting support as this is a free plugin. If you need individual support, we’re happy to assist you if you purchase our premium support by purchasing a premium, Angie Makes WordPress theme from

Author: Chris Baldelomar

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