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114 websitesFree WordPress Widget Pagination plugin by Jana Sieber

You can chose the (standard WordPress) widget, which is to be paginated, and set the items
to show per widget page individually.
You can also set the number of pages to show and change the labels of the previous/next link,
as well as let the widget pages turn automatically.
Finally, you can change the default styling to match your theme.

Plugin’s Official Site

See a demo at:


  • English
  • Deutsch
  • Român (provided by Alexander Ovsov)

Browser Compatibility

positively tested with the latest Firefox, Chrome and Edge


  • bullet points instead of numbers in pagination (let’s be modern)
  • animated paging (a few sexy effects)
  • support of more widget types than the current standard 8 ones (what others do you need paginated?)
  • instant preview of option changes on the plugin settings page (we don’t like surprises, do we)

Author: Jana Sieber

Tags: Paginate,pagination,paginator,paging,widget

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