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104 websitesFree WordPress Woocommerce Product Page Social Share plugin by Sajjad Hossain Sagor

This plugin adds social buttons (facebook,twitter,pinterest,google-plus,linkedin,reddit,messenger etc and more) to your product page where user can share your product page to their respective social media site.


  • Add Social Share buttons to woocommerce product page.
  • All buttons are responsive for all devices.
  • Enable or disable buttons visibility.
  • You can position the sharing buttons to 6 different places in the product page.
  • Admin can select button icons style from 3 different variation.
  • Click & add social buttons feature
  • Either show button icons only or with Social Media name (Icons with text)

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Author: Sajjad Hossain Sagor

Tags: buttons, social, social buttons, social share, woocommerce

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