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When user hovers the pointer over an item, a tooltip box will appear — you can add text, image, video, radio, audio, social links… in tooltips box, you can add tooltips in post title / post content / post excerpt / post tags / wordpress archive / wordpress menu items / gallery… and so on.

WordPress Tooltips support glossary too, just insert shortcode [glossary] in any page or post, screenshot can be found at here

WordPress Tooltips is a simple & quick & light & powerful jQuery tooltips solution, it is very easy to use, you can easily add any HTML content via wordpress standard WYSWYG editor, for example, pdf download link, video, audio, image, social link… and so on.

You can manage all tooltip keyword / tooltip content centrally in one admin panel easily and quickly. Just input keyword in keyword field and video / rideo / text/ image/ links in content field, our wordpress tooltips plugin will detect your tooltips keyword in post content, post title, post tags.. and so on, and show related tooltips box automatically.

For gallery users for examle next-gen, you do not need to do anything, our tooltips plugin will detected next-gen description and show it as a tooltips when user hovering on next-gen gallery images, also our plugin support many other gallery/slideshow plugins too, you can setting tooltips manage options in Tooltips Global Settings panel.

Live Demo of WordPress Tooltips Pro:

  • WordPress Video Tooltips Demo
  • Tooltips in WooCommerce Product Demo
  • WordPress Add Tooltips To Post Title Demo
  • WordPress Add Tooltips To Post Tag Demo
  • WordPress Add Tooltips To Menu Item Demo
  • WordPress Glossary Demo
  • WordPress Audio Tooltips Demo
  • WordPress Image Tooltips Demo
  • Add Tooltips In Table Demo
  • Add Tooltips In Pricing Table Demo
  • Add Tooltips In Button Demo
  • Our tooltips plugin have tooltip customization API so it have ability to integrate other amazing themes / plugins / platforms with our wordpress tooltip plugin

    There are more amazing features in our wordpress tooltips plugin, for example:

    • 3 preset tooltips color schemes: Light, Dark, Green. In tooltips settings panel in admin, support one click to select tooltips color schemes
    • When mouse hover the tooltip terms, we will show highlight color with a transition effect
    • Options to show tooltips animation effects
    • Options to enable/disable Tooltip for images
    • Options to enable/disable Tooltip for excerpt
    • Options to enable/disable tooltip in post tags
    • Options to enable / disable images in glossary page
    • Options to enable / disable “Tooltip Close Button”
    • Drag the tooltip widget to appear in the sidear and we will list all tooltips in tooltips widget.
    • Support tooltip categories
    • Create unlimited tooltips as much as you like
    • Support multiple tooltips on single page.
    • Tooltip keyword Matching Mode option: You can select show tooltips to the first matching tooltip term in the same page or add tooltips effect to all matching keyword in the same page
    • Responsive tooltips, our tooltips plugin works well in mobile devices
    • WordPress tooltips will auto detect tooltip position — tooltips will not out Of screen, for example, if the tooltip word’s position is on the head of the page and some section of tooltip content is out of screen, our tooltip will shown on the bottom center of the tooltip word and tooltip content will be truncated or out of screen.
    • Build-In Tooltip Global Settings
    • Tooltip Synonyms, you can enter all synonyms in tooltips editor in one time, and our tooltips plugin will detect all these synonyms and add same tooltips content for these synonyms
    • Create tooltips manually via shortcode [tooltips] — by this way, you can add any tooltips which is not in content of post, or not in wordpress database. It is very easy to using: [tooltips keyword=”wordpress” content=”Wordpress is great system”], also you can use img tag to add images to tooltips content manually
    • Create tooltips list page easily with shortcode [tooltipslist]
    • Create glossary page easily with shortcode [glossary]
    • Show Tooltips to only one single category, you can setting show tooltips only in 1 category from a category dropdown, or show tooltips in whole site wide. tooltips shortcode is not limited so there are still have a chance to customize it manually
    • Admin-friendly — we added guide tips for each setting options, when you hover the question mark of a setting option, a text description will be shown to tell you the usage of this setting option.
    • Super easy implementation
    • Support translate wordpress tooltips plugin in content and launch localized versions, .po files can be found in languages folder
    • more…

    Just one minute test, you will find our plugin is easy to use and user friendly, you are very welcome to request new requirement / features at

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