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WP Calendar is an easy-to-use calendar plug-in to manage all your events with many options and a flexible usage.
The whole usage is extensive and completely documented. It supports all-day events, categorization and state management (draft, publish).
To manage the event, the same authority checks as for post are used. The plug-in can be integrated in your blog using widgets,
into any theme by using different functions and in any post and page by using different tags.

Important Upgrade Notice for 1.5.1/2

Due to a jQuery update in WordPress 3.5 the graphical Calendar stopped working and I had to update the external FullCalendar library. The newest
version of FullCalendar also needed an update of the graphical calendars stylesheet. If you upgrade to 1.5.1 and if you have a modified fullcalendar.css
file in your theme directory, make sure you copy the fullcalendar.css file from the plug-in directory and adapt your modifications again!
The graphical calendar will probably not work with your modified stylesheet!

If you have any category specific styling, these style have to be slightly adjusted, because the DOM structure of the displayed events in the
graphical calendar have change. Have a look at the FAQ section, which discribes how to style events by it’s category.


  • NEW: Ical Feed of your events!
  • Graphical calendar
  • Widget
  • Event categorization (using WP categories)
  • Event states (draft, published)
  • Normal and all-day events
  • Easy to use admin interface (WordPress style)
  • Event overview including filters and pagination
  • Easy and fully documented integration
  • Mass operations on events (delete, set state)
  • Cloning of events
  • Event creation from post including content synchronization
  • Comments for events
  • Same authority checks as for post and pages
  • Supports special tags in post/page content and title
  • Different functions for integration in your theme
  • Event grouping in output (per day, month or year)
  • Internationalization including date formats


  • Repeating/Reccuring events
  • Customer fields
  • Google Maps integration
  • Dashboard integration
  • Location templates
  • Content templates
  • Search integration


Please refer to the usage documentation in the calendar’s options page. Since version this plug-in has built-in widgets
for easy usage. If these widgets don’t fit your needs, you may integration WP Calendar manually by using tags or php functions.

For all german speaker plese see also the post Integration von WP Calendar.

Author: Fabian von Allmen

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