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3 612 websitesFree WordPress WP Deferred JavaScripts plugin by Willy Bahuaud, Daniel Roch, Grégory Viguier

This plugin defer the loading of all JavaScripts added by the way of wp_enqueue_script(), using LABJS. The result is a significant optimization of loading time.

It is compatible with all WordPress JavaScript functions (wp_localize_script(), js in header, in footer…) and works with all well coded plugins.

If a plugin or a theme is not properly enqueuing scripts, your site may not work. Check this page: Function Reference/wp_enqueue_script on WordPress Codex.

LABjs (Loading And Blocking JavaScript) is an open-source (MIT license) project supported by Getify Solutions.

We performed a range of tests to determine the potential benefit of loading time. On wabeo we executed webwait (150 calls by test). Result is this plugin could improve your loading time by 25%!!
More information in the Screenshots section.

You can find more information about WP Deferred JavaScripts and technical information about asynchronous scripts on authors blogs.

Author: Willy Bahuaud, Daniel Roch, Grégory Viguier

Tags: deferring, javascript, labjs, optimization, performance

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