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9 831 websitesFree WordPress WP Embed Facebook plugin by Miguel Sirvent

Automatically embed any type of content from Facebook directly into your site by simply copying the url into the editor.

There are two types of embeds: Custom Embeds that are entirely native to this plugin and social plugins which are pieces of code created by Facebook developers

All custom embeds examples

All social plugins examples

As an alternative to automatically embed your content you can use the [facebook url] shortcode instead and pass on some parameters to change each embed examples.

You can also use the native [embed] shortcode.

Supported Embeds

  • Facebook Live Video
  • Facebook Videos
  • Facebook Albums
  • Facebook Events
  • Facebook Photos
  • Facebook Fan pages
  • Facebook Profiles
  • Facebook Posts
  • Facebook Comment

Facebook Social Plugins

Pieces of code crafted by Facebook developers for us mortals ( official documentation ). Create a default instance with the shortcode: [fb_plugin type]


A like and share button for the current page

[fb_plugin like share=true]

Send a message to a Facebook fan page.

[fb_plugin page href= small-header=true height=350 tabs=messages ]

See a lot more examples here.

Facebook Comments

Automatically replace the WordPress comments system with Facebook comments or manually using the shortcode [fb_plugin comments].

To enable moderation you have to set up a Facebook App ID and Secret also scrape the urls on Facebook more details inside the settings page.

The Quote Social Plugin

The last social plugin to come to life allows your visitors to share any part of your site just by selecting text. Activate it automatically on selected post types or by using the shortcode [fb_plugin quote]. Demo.


  • Nothing to embed posts, pages, videos and comments.
  • For custom embeds and comments moderation a Facebook App Id and Secret are required more details inside settings.

One page live demo

Demo Site


If you found a bug or want to add an extra feature create a pull request on github.

Premium extension

  • “Elegant” custom embeds theme
  • Embed full event shortcode
  • Embed full fan page shortcode
  • Embed events with address and admins
  • Embed albums with more that 100 photos
  • Embed all upcoming events of a fan page
  • mbed personal data
  • Features cooking
    • Shortcode creator
    • Special templates for albums and pages

Author: Miguel Sirvent

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