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1 095 websitesFree WordPress WP font-face plugin by Robbert Langezaal

Easy font edit as they appear in the front- and back- end of the website.


  • Autoloads generated @font-face packages
  • Fully compatible with most browsers
  • Fully CSS solution ? No Javascript required
  • Auto generates classes for the autoloaded fonts
  • Includes the required CSS files in TinyMCE editor
  • Auto creates TinyMCE @font-face styles
  • Additional CSS possibities through dashboard settings
  • All above auto options can be managed in the dashboard


Load in admin

When ticked the plugin will load the necessary CSS in the dashboard so you are
able to replace fonts inside the administrational area. Not to confuse with
the TinyMCE area which is another option!

Load CSS in tinyMCE

When ticked the plugin will autoload the required CSS in the WordPress TinyMCE
editor. When additional CSS options are selected these will also be included.

Generate CSS class for each font

The ease of use of this plugin is mainly because of this option. When ticked
the plugin will generate a CSS classname for using the autoloaded font. The
font family name is read from the font generated package.

The class name which is generated is the folder in which the font is placed.
For the font-family CSS code this plugin automatically parses the generated
CSS code from fontsquirel.

Load generated CSS class(es) to tinyMCE styles

If ticked the plugin will add the autogenerated class(es) to the style
dropdown box of TinyMCE.

Additional CSS

With the additional CSS textarea you are able to manually add CSS elements
to the plugin. These will be loaded together with the selected options if
preferred. Meaning you are able to change the front-end headers or even the
dashboard fonts easily.

Author: Robbert Langezaal

Tags: @font-face,css,font replace,fontface

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