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8 531 websitesFree WordPress WP Google Analytics Events plugin by Yuval Oren

The WP Google Analytics Events plugin allows you to send events to Google Analytics when:

  1. A user scrolls to a point of interest on your site
  2. Clicking elements on the page, such as buttons or Ajax submit forms.

For example, create a Google Analytics event when a visitor scrolled down and viewed your pricing table. Track Video Plays and banner clicks.
Get to know what your visitors are doing on the website.

And best of all – No Coding Required

Events were introduced by Google Analytics to allow tracking of custom metrics that were not based on page views.
Tracking events is usually done by writing JavaScript code, and that is not the WordPress way.
We created this plugin, so you can use this feature without writing a line of code.

There are many benefits for using events, and you can get very creative:

  1. Setting event-driven goals in Google Analytics
  2. Tracking in page navigation
  3. Comparing call to action button performance
  4. Understanding what percentage of your visitors got to the end of an article
  5. Tracking contact form submissions
  6. Track Links
  7. Google Tag Manager Support

If you want to learn more about Event Tracking or how to use this plugin, visit our documentation page here –

Plugin Documentation

Author: Yuval Oren

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