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4 065 websitesFree WordPress Opening Hours plugin by Jannik Portz
  • Supports multiple Sets of Opening Hours (e.g. one for your restaurant and one for your bar) that you can use independently.
  • Supports Holidays
  • Supports Irregular Openings (e.g. different opening hours during Christmas)
  • Supports child sets that overwrite your regular opening hours in a specific time period (e.g. seasonal opening hours or an extra day in every second week)
  • Four highly customizable Widgets and Shortcodes also displaying contextual information (e.g. “We’re currently closed but will be open again on Monday at 8am”)


  • Overview Widget: Lists up all Opening Hours with contextual information in a table or list
  • Is Open Widget: Indicates whether the selected venue is currently open or closed and optionally shows when it will be open again
  • Holidays Widget: Lists up all Holidays in a table or list
  • Irregular Openings Widget: Lists up all Irregular Openings in a table or list

More on Widgets


All of the widgets listed up above are also available as shortcodes.

More on Shortcodes

Further Documentation

Further documentation is available on GitHub.

Author: Jannik Portz

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