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284 websitesFree WordPress WP Slick Slider plugin by Tiger Strike Media

WP Slick Slider was created as a powerful , customisable and editable jquery cycle plugin.

It uses A custom post type and taxonomy to create a slider, with almost unlimited options and support for multiple sliders on any page and full templating support, the options are endless.

It uses a Template tag:

And A Shortcode:
[SlickSlider name=”slider-slug”]

If You Have Any Feedback Or Suggestions, Feel Free To Drop Me A Line At Tiger Strike Media


WP Slick Slider 1.0+ has full support for templating, If are not comfortable working on minor edits to the code in your site, this feature will not be for you.

To activate templating, simply create a folder called “wpss” in your theme folder.

There are 4 types of slides available, these are fully individually templateable, you can even edit the output for a slide type of a specific slide.

To activate templating:

  1. Create a file in your theme “wpss”
  2. copy the files from wp-slick-slider/templates/ to the new theme folder.
  3. Edit Away!

You can edit the templates for an individual slider using the following guide:
1. copy the files from wp-slick-slider/templates/ to the wpss folder.
2. Rename The required file to: {$slug}_{$type}.php. EG: If you have a slider called cool_slider and want to edit the output for the Full Width Image type,the filename would be: cool_slider_full-width-image.php.
3. Edit Away.

If Any bugs are found in this system or anyone has any questions, Please feel free to drop me a line:

Author: Tiger Strike Media

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