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8 945 websitesFree WordPress WP Socializer plugin by Aakash Chakravarthy

WP Socializer is an all in one complete social media plugin to add native social media buttons, icons, floating sharebar, follow us buttons, profile icons, mobile sharebar and selected text share popups easily with TONS of customization.

Key features

  • Drag & drop social icons, buttons builder.
  • Add icons easily using the setup wizard.
  • Display the icons, buttons only on the required posts, pages using the advanced conditional rules builder system.
  • Insert 50 social share icons which are highly scalable.
  • Insert 9 native social button widgets ( i.e Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. +6 )
  • Insert both vertical and horizontal floating sharebars.
  • Insert 50 follow me icons in floating bar and widgets.
  • Insert text sharebar with 11 social network support.
  • Add mobile sharebar which supports icons of 50 networks.
  • Has inbuilt system to display share counts.
  • Has support for shortcodes.
  • Has support for native social network sidebar widgets.

Hand picked modern & beautiful designs

  • 58+ social media icons design collections.
  • 87+ design templates to choose during the setup in the below categories.
  • 6 Only native social buttons collection.
  • 11 combination of icons with text and share counter.
  • 19 just icons design collection.
  • 27 icons with share counter collection.
  • 5 full width button collections.
  • 15 icons with text collection.
  • 5 just text buttons collection.

Highly optimized for faster page loads

WP Socializer loads webpages faster since scripts required by buttons are loaded only once and also when necessary. This increases the page load faster even when multiple buttons are used in the same page.

Mobile ready with retina icons

WP Socializer is 100% mobile ready with all the required options required for targetting mobile audience.

  • It has the social networks to share with mobile apps like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Telegram, WeChat
  • Dedicated mobile sharebar.
  • Social icons are retina ready and displays sharp icons even deep zoom in mobile devices.
  • Faster on both mobile and desktop devices as resources are loaded conditionally.

Create your own design for your website

With WP Socializer, you can create your own design for the social button and icons which are placed before and after posts and pages. There is no restriction to specific set of themes. With the advanced share buttons builder system, you can easily customize your website social media features.

Share counters

WP Socializer supports share counter. Share counter can be either displayed individually over icons or as a total count like in popular news sites. Share counter is supported for below networks,

  • Facebook like counts
  • LinkedIn share counts
  • Google Plus +1s
  • Pinterest counts
  • Total share counts

Conditional display

Social buttons can be placed conditionally by creating rules which allows it to display only on the desired posts. There is a wide selection of rules which gives complete control on where to display what kind of buttons. You can create rules like below,

  • Show in all pages
  • Hide in all pages
  • Show in selected pages
  • Hide in selected pages

Show/hide on,

  • Single posts, pages
  • Home, front & 404 pages.
  • Category, date & tag archives
  • Category, tags attached to posts.
  • Post formats
  • Custom post types.

Show/hide based on:

  • Desktop devices
  • Mobile devices
  • Desktop & mobile devices

Supported social media icons

Add to favorites, Behance, Bitbucket, Blogger, CodePen, Comments, Delicious, DeviantArt, Digg, Dribbble, Email, Facebook, Facebook messenger, Flickr, Github, Google, Google Plus, Hacker News, Instagram, LinkedIn, Medium, PayPal, PDF, Pinterest, Pocket, Print, Reddit, RSS, Short link, Snapchat, Soundcloud, StackOverflow, Quora, Telegram, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, VKontakte, wechat, WhatsApp, Xing, Yahoo! Mail, Youtube, Weibo, Line, Mix, Odnoklassniki, Renren, Skype, Telephone/call button

Social share icon designs:

  • Square
  • Circle
  • Squircle
  • Squircle 2
  • Diamond
  • Drop
  • Ribbon

Native social media buttons

With WP Socializer plugin, you can add the native share buttons provided by leading social media websites. Buttons settings can be changed inside the admin page itself. All kinds of native social buttons from the below providers can be created.

  • Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus
  • Reddit, LinkedIn, Sharethis
  • Pinterest & Pocket

Sidebar widgets

WP Socializer can also be used to insert widgets to WordPress sidebar. Below list of widgets can be added.

  • Twitter timeline
  • Facebook page & messenger widget
  • Google+ Badge
  • Follow us buttons with text
  • Social buttons/icons to share the current post/page.

Support for shortcodes

There is also support for shortcodes with which social media buttons can be placed anywhere in posts and even in themes directly. The list of social buttons which can be inserted can be seen below.

  • Facebook, Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Reddit, LinkedIn
  • Sharethis, Pinterest
  • Pocket & 50 social media icons

Follow us icons and selected text sharebar

There is also support for follow us / profile icons which can placed in widget or near the sides of the window. In addition to this, popups can also be added to share selected text which allows visitors to share the quoted text.

Setup wizard

WP Socializer has a built-in setup wizard with which it takes only ~3mins to add social icons and buttons to your site.

Custom social buttons

If you find that any of the social buttons are missing, they can also be added via the “custom HTML” feature built into the plugin.

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