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Swiper slider now for WordPress !

Note : This project is currently in BETA version ! it can contain bugs or missing configuration options.

Features :
=> General
* Autoplay on/off.
* Autoplay speed.
* Speed.

=> Navigation
* Nav buttons enable/disable.
* Position (top, mid, bot).
* Width/height.
* Custom CSS for left and for right button.

=> Pagination
* Pagination enable/disable.
* Pagination clickable on/off.
* 3 Types : Bullets, fraction, progress bar.
* For bullets : align left/center or right.

=> Advanced
* Custom CSS for wrapper.
* Custom Swiper configuration (only for versions 0.x.x.x).
* NEW : Randomize slides.

Next version

What’s coming (soon) ?

  • Better design for configuration area.
    1. A free version with most used options.
    2. A “donate” version, from $10, with all features.
  • More options will be added (like a 3D coveflow mod, for example).

Author: Webévasion

Tags: mobile, responsive, slider, swiper, touch

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