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This is beautiful responsive vertical image slider for wordPress blogs and sites.Admin can manages any number of images into the responsive vertical slider.
Admin can add,edit and delete slider images.Before add slider to wordPress blog admin can preview a slider.Admin can set height,width of slider images.Admin can also set speed,Number Of visible images into slider,Circular slider.Admin can also set if want to slide images with up and down arrow or by automatic slider.

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  1. Add any number of images to vertical slider.

  2. Choose Responsive Slider or Non Responsive Slider

  3. Edit images and image name.

  4. Image name is used as alt tag for seo.

  5. Preview your slider before use it.

  6. Slider installation into theme is simple just add shortcode
    to theme or pages/posts.

  7. changes to images height,width

  8. Changes to slider speed is easy.

  9. Admin can set slider as slide with arrow left and right arrow.

  10. Admin can set slider as circular slider.

  11. Support WordPress responsive admin panel.

=Pro Version Features=

  1. Unlimited Slider(Multiple sliders).

  2. Choose Responsive Slider or Non Responsive Slider

  3. Mass Images Upload.

  4. Use WordPress Media Uploader(wp>3.5) image upload.

  5. Add wordpress featured image in vertical slider directly from post/page add/edit.

  6. Slider Easing Effects(select your desired slider easing effect from 16 easing effect).

  7. No advertisements.

  8. If image description set it will added to image title tag for seo.

  9. Now admin can display slider according image order.

  10. Open image link in new tab or same tab.

  11. Support WordPress responsive admin panel.

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This plugin is free for everyone! Since it’s released under the GPL, you can use it free of charge on your personal or commercial blog. But you can make some donations if you realy find it useful.

Author: I Thirteen Web Solution

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