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6 811 websitesFree WordPress WPaudio MP3 Player plugin by Todd Iceton

All the other WordPress audio players were crappy or ugly so I made a better one.

Deactivate that lame Flash player and install a plugin that makes you proud to embed mp3s. WPaudio installs in seconds, looks great, and uses simple tags… all without bulky files or affecting page load times.

Easy to install, easy to use

Install directly from WordPress (just go to Plugins -> Add New) and start embedding mp3s immediately. Now you can choose to convert all mp3 links or only the ones you select, and you still have the power of advanced tags.

Clean design with intuitive controls

Everything’s tucked out of the way until you click play. Jog the track by clicking the position bar. Simple.

Compatible with your old audio player tags

Want to switch to a better player? Just deactivate your old plugin and let WPaudio give your old posts the dignity they deserve. WPaudio is compatible with Audio Player tags, with support for more on the way.

Won’t slow down your site

WPaudio was written for performance. It uses WordPress’s built-in scripts, HTML5, and the lightweight SoundManager2 library.

How to use WPaudio

  • If you want to convert every mp3 link into a player, go to Settings -> WPaudio and select the first option, Convert all mp3 links.

  • If you want to selectively convert mp3 links, just add the wpaudio class to the links you want converted, like this:

    <a href="" class="wpaudio">Artist - Song</a>
  • If you want to disable downloads or specify a different download URL, use the advanced tags.

    [wpaudio url="" text="Artist - Song" dl="0"]
  • For autoplay, just add autoplay=”1″ to your tags.

    [wpaudio url="" text="Artist - Song" autoplay="1"]

Powered by the SoundManager 2 API

Author: Todd Iceton

Tags: audio, embed, links, media, mobile

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