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WWM Social Share On Image Hover is a WordPess Plugin that helps you to add social media icons on your Post images . It will shows social media icons on hover the post images on your site. This plugin will support 6 social media icons, check the features of WWM Social Share On Image Hover below.


  • Alignment Option – Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left and Bottom Right!
  • Socia Medias – Supports facebook, twitter,linkedin, pinterest, google+ and pinterest.
  • No Need of wrapping your images – No need of wrapping your images within a tag or class. It will do the plugin itself!
  • Browser Support – All modern browsers, with IE8.
  • Admin Options – Simply Enable or disable social share from admin panel.
  • Width restriction – can avoid showing share icons on small images(width should specified).
  • Exact Image Sharing – This plugin allows you to share exactly same image on Pinterest,Facebook,Tumblr, and Linked In.
  • Version 2.0 enables Gallery Support and featured image support.

For more details about WWM Social Share On Image Hover plugin integration.

####### PRO VERSION #######

  • Short URL – URL Shortener API (Google URL Shortener API).
  • Exclude Image Class – You can specify class names for exclude images.
  • Exclude Image Name – You can even exclude with image names that have no class!.
  • Inlcude only option – You can even include image name and class for share icons!.
  • Faster Loading – Enabled JS rendering method so no server side execution.
  • Good to Go! its on SALE!

Author: Jobin Jose

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