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Free WordPress PS Auto Sitemap plugin by Hitoshi OmagariFree

PS Auto Sitemap

by Hitoshi Omagari
“PS Auto Sitemap” is a plugin that automatically generates a site map page from your WordPress site.It is easy to install for beginners and easy to customize for...
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Free WordPress Cms Pack plugin by Simon HansenFree

Cms Pack

by Simon Hansen
It started out as an idea for a lot of different classes that should make wordpress better for use as cms.Its main feature rigt now is that it enables wordpress to use subtemplates...
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Free WordPress Wizhi CMS plugin by Amos LeeFree

Wizhi CMS

by Amos Lee
Wizhi CMS 以简码的形式添加了中国一些CMS系统常用的调用标签,如织梦,PHPCMS等系统中的模板标签功能。CSS 栅格系统基于Yahoo 的 Pure...
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Free WordPress Page Blocks plugin by SoftWUDFree

Page Blocks

by SoftWUD
The Page Blocks plugin extends your WordPress pages by combining the dynamic content of widgets with the static content of pages. Up to four “blocks” can be added...
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Free WordPress Admin Menu plugin by Denis de Bernardy & Mike KoepkeFree

Admin Menu

by Denis de Bernardy & Mike Koepke
This plugin has been retired. No further development will occur on it. With a menu bar built into WordPress and the fact other plugins hook into that, this plugin conflicts...
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Free WordPress ProjectManager plugin by Kolja SchleichFree


by Kolja Schleich
This plugin is a feature-rich datamanager for any recurrent datasets.FeaturesAdd as many different projects as you want toWidget for any project including fancy slideshows...
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Free WordPress Helios Solutions Responsive category FAQ plugin by Helios SolutionsFree

Helios Solutions Responsive category FAQ

by Helios Solutions
Numerous CMS website require a segment for FAQ’s. Helios Solutions Responsive Category FAQ Plugin permits you to include, inspect and show FAQ on your website.Helios Solutions...
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Free WordPress WP Site Protector plugin by Moriyan JayFree

WP Site Protector

by Moriyan Jay
As we already know WordPress is the best CMS in whole world. And it’s time to protect your wordpress website’s contents by giving four layer protection.1. By disabling...
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Free WordPress Easily navigate pages on dashboard plugin by Tristan BotlyFree

Easily navigate pages on dashboard

by Tristan Botly
Display a folder tree of your pages that is easy to expand and contract on your Dashboard. Designed for people that use WordPress as a content management system.The idea came...
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Free WordPress Horizontal Carousel plugin by NetAttingo TechnologiesFree

Horizontal Carousel

by NetAttingo Technologies
Using this plugin, you can put horizontal image slider with the help of shortcode used after installing plug in.Plugin Features Shortcode System.Touch Enable.All Browser support.Auto...
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Free WordPress bSuite plugin by Casey BissonFree


by Casey Bisson
bSuite is a set of tools that help surface interesting and popular stories as well as improve WordPress’ CMS capabilities and usefulness as an application platform...
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Free WordPress WP i18n plugin by The Worst Developer in the World Bar NoneFree

WP i18n

by The Worst Developer in the World Bar None
NOTE: This plugin is in ALPHA and is not recommended for use on a production site. You’ve been warned.WP i18n is a fork of the last GPL-licensed version of the WPML...
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Free WordPress DK White Label plugin by Emili CastellsFree

DK White Label

by Emili Castells
Are you creating WordPress websites for your clients?Take control over Dashboard experience with DK White Label.FeaturesLogin Screen CustomizationHide Dashboard UI ElementsCreate...
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Free WordPress WP tools plugin by Galland.beFree WP tools

Via this plug-in we share the WordPress tools developed by modules will help you to effectively use WordPress as a CMS for your company.SPAM fighter,..SPAM...
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Free WordPress WP Easy Post Types plugin by New SignatureFree

WP Easy Post Types

by New Signature
This plugin lets you take advantage of the WordPress 3.0 custom post type feature, and create your own post type. The plugin allows you to add a set of fields attached to...
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Free WordPress Somatic Framework plugin by Israel CurtisFree

Somatic Framework

by Israel Curtis
This framework is a collection of classes and functions for handling advanced custom post types cases. With just a few defined arrays, it can create custom post types, taxonomies...
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