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Free WordPress Contact Form Generator : Creative form builder for WordPress plugin by Creative SolutionsFree

Contact Form Generator : Creative form builder for WordPress

by Creative Solutions
Contact Form Generator is a powerful contact form builder for WordPress! It is structured for creating Contact Forms, Application Forms, Reservation Forms, Survey Forms, Contact...
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Free WordPress TableGen – Data Table Generator plugin by AazzTechFree

TableGen – Data Table Generator

by AazzTech
Live demo: you have a big data that you would like to show on your website? Now you can do that very easily...
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Free WordPress Contact Form & Lead Form Builder plugin by ThemeHunkFree

Contact Form & Lead Form Builder

by ThemeHunk
Lead Form Builder Plugin is a contact form builder as well as lead generator. Plugin comes with nearly all field options required to create Contact form, Registration form...
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Free WordPress Multicons [ Multiple Favicons ] plugin by Doc4Free

Multicons [ Multiple Favicons ]

by Doc4
Plugin URL includes favicons for Android devices. Completely re-written in version 4.2 Multicons is a multi-favicon code generator...
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Free WordPress QR Code Tag plugin by Dennis D. SpreenFree

QR Code Tag

by Dennis D. Spreen
The QR Code Tag plugin creates QRCodes for your blog.Features:Choose your QR Code generator: Google Chart API (online connection required) or QR Code Lib (included)Uses cURL...
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Free WordPress Custom Post View Generator plugin by Marco ConstâncioFree

Custom Post View Generator

by Marco Constâncio
Creates views allowing the user to display of data of custom post type fields and other wordpress fields without the any theme modification.The plugin allows administrator...
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Free WordPress Skinnytip Tooltip Generator plugin by Elliott BrueggemanFree

Skinnytip Tooltip Generator

by Elliott Brueggeman
The Skinnytip Tooltip Generator is a WordPress plugin that allows easy creation of JavaScript pop-up tooltipswhile creating content. The plugin is visible on the admin write...
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Free WordPress Button plugin by webdzierFree


by webdzier
The button is a WordPress button generator plugin. Create social icons and social share button. It is easy to use and easy to customize. You can create social sets of buttons...
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Free WordPress Tournament Bracket Generator plugin by BlakeFree

Tournament Bracket Generator

by Blake
Tournament Bracket Generator provides an easy way to create a stunning bracket for any sport or event. Tournament Bracket Generator creates the bracket based on 4 setting...
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Free WordPress Metaphor Shortcodes plugin by Metaphor CreationsFree

Metaphor Shortcodes

by Metaphor Creations
Custom pack of shortcodes including a shortcode generator.Grid ShortcodePost Slider ShortcodePost Block ShortcodePricing Table ShortcodeSlide Graph ShortcodeTabs ShortcodeToggle...
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Free WordPress Wp chart generator plugin by Emilien LabordeFree

Wp chart generator

by Emilien Laborde
Wp chart generator makes your life easier to create graphics on your blog. With a single management in the back office, you can create as many graphics as you want. Management...
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Free WordPress Javascript QRcode Generator plugin by Sunny VermaFree

Javascript QRcode Generator

by Sunny Verma
QR stands for Quick Response Codes and was developed by Toyota subsidiary Denso-Wave in 1994 to help remove problems in tracking automotive parts. QR code are a type of two-dimensional...
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Free WordPress Schedulicity – Easy Online Scheduling plugin by Schedulicity Inc.Free

Schedulicity – Easy Online Scheduling

by Schedulicity Inc.
If you already have Schedulicity, easily integrate with your site using our easy shortcode generator. You just need your6 character unique business key which you can find...
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Free WordPress WP Advanced PDF plugin by CedCommerceFree

WP Advanced PDF

by CedCommerce
WP Advanced PDF is a pdf generator for posts to pages. This plugin enables your blog readers to create pdf of posts of your blog. WP Advanced PDF relies on the TCPDF class...
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Free WordPress Page Link Generator plugin by Jens Farvig ThomsenFree

Page Link Generator

by Jens Farvig Thomsen
With this plugin you can display a list of all your posts and visitors can generate an embedable link to a chosen post.Under settings -> Page Link Generator options you...
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Free WordPress Advanced PDF Generator plugin by jcmlmoravFree

Advanced PDF Generator

by jcmlmorav
This WordPress plugin allow to you, generate a PDF file from a specific template file, totally customizable and send it via email from a specific mail template fileHow toPut...
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Free WordPress Jazzy Forms plugin by Igor ProchazkaFree

Jazzy Forms

by Igor Prochazka
Jazzy Forms is an online form generator that performs instant calculations. It’s ideal for inter-active price calculators and for sending out cost estimates by email.For...
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Free WordPress PDF Generator Crowd API plugin by Wibergs WebFree

PDF Generator Crowd API

by Wibergs Web
This plugin makes it very easy to create PDF’s on the fly. With a single shortcode it could create X amount of PDF’s “on the fly” / in realtime when...
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Free WordPress WP Family Tree plugin by Arvind ShahFree

WP Family Tree

by Arvind Shah
WP Family Tree is a family tree generator plugin for WordPress. Each family member have their own post withina “Family” category. In the family member posts you...
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Free WordPress JTRT Responsive Tables plugin by John TendikFree

JTRT Responsive Tables

by John Tendik
JTRT Responsive TablesJTRT Responsive Tables is the most advanced HTML table editor for WordPress. Create amazing responsive tables without having to deal with HTML or CSS!Demo...
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