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Free WordPress WP Shopping Pages plugin by CMS CommanderFree

WP Shopping Pages

by CMS Commander
WP Shopping Pages allows you to create powerful yet simple affiliate pages with a few clicks. The plugin uses the Amazon Product API and eBay affiliate feeds, allowing you...
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Free WordPress DealAds plugin by DealAds developer(s)Free


by DealAds developer(s)
DealAds will help you to pay your hosting bills and all the other expenses, bloggers have. On the flip side, you will provideyour visitors with more value by advertising Amazon’s...
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Free WordPress WooCommerce ChannelEngine plugin by ChannelEngineFree

WooCommerce ChannelEngine

by ChannelEngine
Millions of people visit websites like, Amazon, Beslist and Kieskeurig looking for particular products. To reach these people you can sell your products on these marketplaces.With...
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Free WordPress Comment Star Rating plugin by MatometaruFree

Comment Star Rating

by Matometaru
Add a beautiful star rating to comments.You can use charts of ratings lists like Amazon and WordPress.It can also be applied only to custom posts from the admin screen.How...
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