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Free WordPress Amazon Associates Link Builder plugin by Amazon Associates ProgramFree

Amazon Associates Link Builder

by Amazon Associates Program
About Amazon Associates ProgramThe Amazon Associates Program is one of the original affiliate marketing programs. Available in geographies across the globe, the Amazon Associates...
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Free WordPress Amazon JS plugin by makoto_kwFree

Amazon JS

by makoto_kw
AmazonJS displays Amazon products on your WordPress posts and pages. AmazonJS adds a search form to WordPress post form. Then you can search Amazon products by keyword, ASIN...
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Free WordPress Amazon Link plugin by Paul StuttardFree

Amazon Link

by Paul Stuttard
This plugin is used to quickly add Amazon products links to your WordPress posts and pages. The product links can be simple text links, thumbnail images, full-size images...
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Free WordPress Amazon Product in a Post Plugin plugin by Don Fischer - Fischer Creative Media, LLC.Free

Amazon Product in a Post Plugin

by Don Fischer - Fischer Creative Media, LLC.
The Amazon Product In a Post plugin can be used to quickly add formatted Amazon Products/Items to any page or post by using just the Amazon product ASIN.How it Works:The plugin...
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Free WordPress Amazon Auto Links – Amazon Associates Affiliate Plugin plugin by Michael Uno (miunosoft)Free

Amazon Auto Links – Amazon Associates Affiliate Plugin

by Michael Uno (miunosoft)
Display Amazon Associates Links with Minimal EffortStill manually searching products and pasting affiliate links? What happens if the products get outdated? With this plugin...
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Free WordPress Amazon Polly for WordPress plugin by AWS Labs, WP EngineFree

Amazon Polly for WordPress

by AWS Labs, WP Engine
Create audio version of your posts, translate them into other languages and create podcasts! Amazon Polly is a service that turns text into lifelike speech. With dozens of...
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Free WordPress Content Egg plugin by keywordrush.comFree

Content Egg

Plugin featuresEasily adding offers from different affiliate systems by keyword.Search and add to post additional relevant content: videos, images, news, etc.Autoblogging...
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Free WordPress Easy Amazon Product Information plugin by Jens MüllerFree

Easy Amazon Product Information

by Jens Müller
EAPI ermöglicht es Ihnen schnell und einfach die Produktdaten von Amazon in Ihre bestehende WordPress-Seite zu integrieren.Easy Amazon Product Information greift dazu auf...
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Free WordPress WordPress Social Login (Facebook, Google, Twitter) plugin by social login (miniOrange)Free

WordPress Social Login (Facebook, Google, Twitter)

by social login (miniOrange)
Social Login enables social login, social sharing, social comments using social login apps like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, LinkedIn, Windows Live, Instagram, Amazon...
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Free WordPress WordPress Ads & AdSense plugin – Ad Inserter plugin by Igor FunaFree

WordPress Ads & AdSense plugin – Ad Inserter

by Igor Funa
Ad management plugin with many advanced advertising features to insert ads at optimal positions.Supports all kinds of ads including Google AdSense ads, contextual Amazon Native...
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Free WordPress Amazon Machine Tags plugin by Martin KliehmFree

Amazon Machine Tags

by Martin Kliehm
Simple inclusion of Amazon items through machine tags.Identifies any tag in the machine or triple tag form book:isbn=1234567890 or amazon:asin=1234567890. Works with native...
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Free WordPress EasyAzon – Amazon Associates Affiliate Plugin plugin by EasyAzonFree

EasyAzon – Amazon Associates Affiliate Plugin

by EasyAzon
EasyAzon is the quickest way to create Amazon affiliate links from within your WordPress post editor. You can create text affiliate links direct to any product available for...
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Free WordPress ScrapeAZon plugin by James R. Hanback, Jr.Free


by James R. Hanback, Jr.
The ScrapeAZon plugin displays customer reviews of specific products that you choose. You must be a participant in both the Affiliate Program and the...
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Free WordPress 2kb Amazon Affiliates Store plugin by 2kblater.comFree

2kb Amazon Affiliates Store

FeaturesProduct Variants and VersionsSell wide range of physical and digital products in Worldwide, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Italy, China, France, Spain, India.Amazon...
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Free WordPress Book Review plugin by Donna PeplinskieFree

Book Review

by Donna Peplinskie
NOTE: Given the imminent release of the Gutenberg editor in WordPress 5.0, the Book Review plugin is no longer being maintained. It has been replaced by Book Review Block...
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Free WordPress WP Associate Post R2 plugin by CIBEAFree

WP Associate Post R2

“WP Associate Post R2” is a plugin based on Amazon Associates, with introduces Rakuten Affiliate and Yahoo Shopping Affiliate (ValueCommerce) to easy install.In...
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Free WordPress Yet Another Amazon WordPress Plugin Lite plugin by Kai LangeFree

Yet Another Amazon WordPress Plugin Lite

by Kai Lange
Das WordPress-Plugin YAAWP (Yet Another Amazon WordPress Plugin) verhilft Ihnen kinderleicht zu Ihrem eigenen Amazon-Shop und das in unter 5 Minuten. Was Sie dafür tun...
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Free WordPress Amazon Store Plugin For WordPress plugin by wppluginsdevFree

Amazon Store Plugin For WordPress

by wppluginsdev
With your Amazon Associates and Web Services accounts you can import product data from Amazon using keywords and build WordPress posts with the imported data. Amazon Store...
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Free WordPress Social Links plugin by Kareem SultanFree

Social Links

by Kareem Sultan
Social Links is a sidebar widget that displays icon links to your profile pages on other social networking sites.Supported Networks:Amazon WishlistBlogsBlogMarksDapxDeliciousDiggFacebookFlickrFriendFeedJeqqLast...
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