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Free WordPress Menu Icons by ThemeIsle plugin by ThemeIsleFree

Menu Icons by ThemeIsle

by ThemeIsle
This plugin gives you the ability to add icons to your menu items, similar to the look of the latest dashboard menu.UsageAfter the plugin is activated, go to Appearance >...
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Free WordPress Easy Sidebar Menu Widget plugin by phpbitsFree

Easy Sidebar Menu Widget

by phpbits
Responsive Dropdown Menu WidgetEasily add dropdown menu on your sidebar via widget. Just drag and drop to your sidebar and select the menu you want to display and it will...
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Free WordPress Font Awesome 4 Menus plugin by New Nine MediaFree

Font Awesome 4 Menus

by New Nine Media
Add Font Awesome 4 icons to your WordPress menus and site without touching a single line of code! With this plugin, just add fa-(icon name) as a class/classes to your menu...
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Free WordPress Menu Icons: IcoMoon plugin by Dzikri AzizFree

Menu Icons: IcoMoon

by Dzikri Aziz
IcoMoon package for Menu Icons.UsageAfter the plugin is activated, go to Appearance > Menus to edit your menusEnable IcoMoon in “Menu Icons Settings” meta box...
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Free WordPress My Bootstrap Menu plugin by Michael CarderFree

My Bootstrap Menu

by Michael Carder
My Boostrap Menu is a fully customizable plugin that applies the Bootstrap formatting classes to any WordPress Navigation Menu. Bootstrap provides responsive menus for phones...
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Free WordPress Mobile Navigation plugin by Jens TörnellFree

Mobile Navigation

by Jens Törnell
Settings:Mobile locationMobile breakpointBackground colorText brightnessLogo as text or imageLogo and menu font familyDisable navigation, menu location, CSS, javascriptHide...
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Free WordPress GA Nav Menus Tracking plugin by Paul de WoutersFree

GA Nav Menus Tracking

by Paul de Wouters
Add tracking events to your WordPress navigation menu items!Reference: plugin adds...
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Free WordPress Mcl Slidein Nav plugin by Saori MiyazakiFree

Mcl Slidein Nav

by Saori Miyazaki
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Free WordPress Bitkatapult Mobile-friendly Responsive Navigation Menu plugin by Bernhard NepeliusFree

Bitkatapult Mobile-friendly Responsive Navigation Menu

by Bernhard Nepelius
The Bitkatapult Mobile-friendly Responsive Navigation Menu changes your standard list-style navigation to a mobile-friendly one.You can set many things to make the navigation...
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Free WordPress T&P Navigation Menu plugin by Peyman Shadpour and Tzahi RazFree

T&P Navigation Menu

by Peyman Shadpour and Tzahi Raz
T&P Navigation Menu is a smart simple plugin that stick your default wordpress nav menu to the top of the page when you scroll down.T&P Navigation Menu works only...
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Free WordPress Shift8 Full Nav plugin by Shift8 WebFree

Shift8 Full Nav

by Shift8 Web
Shift8 Full Nav is a plugin that allows you to create a full width, sticky and responsive navigation menu. The plugin allows you to define key design options such as menu...
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Free WordPress Font Awesome Menus plugin by New Nine Media & AdvertisingFree

Font Awesome Menus

by New Nine Media & Advertising
STOP! Before using this older version of the plugin, check out the new Font Awesome 4 Menus for WordPress!Seriously…Seriously – we’re not supporting this anymore...
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Free WordPress Terme Nav Menu Icon plugin by TermeThemeFree

Terme Nav Menu Icon

by TermeTheme
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Free WordPress Plugin Name: WP Symposium Toolbar plugin by AlphaGolf_frFree

Plugin Name: WP Symposium Toolbar

by AlphaGolf_fr
Customize the WordPress Toolbar the way you want…This plugin is targetted for WP Symposium sites. However, if you’re not running a Social Network site but you’re...
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Free WordPress WP-Parsi navigation trees plugin by Morteza GeransayehFree

WP-Parsi navigation trees

by Morteza Geransayeh
This plugin create dynamic expand/collapse tree-widget navigation from wordpress nav menu. When plugin activated, go to widgets page and drag the widget to theme widgets are...
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Free WordPress WP Spark Menu plugin by Bonfire ThemesFree

WP Spark Menu

by Bonfire Themes
Spark is a one-of-a-kind menu plugin for WordPress. It may appear tiny and modest at first glance, its uses however can be many and varied. Spark is also delightfully animated...
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Free WordPress Dropdown Navigation Menus plugin by Hassan DerakhshandehFree

Dropdown Navigation Menus

by Hassan Derakhshandeh
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