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Free WordPress No Copy plugin by S H MohanjithFree

No Copy

by S H Mohanjith
No Copy plugin is a upload and activate plugin which prevents visitors the context menu (right click) on your blog. This should prevent plagirism by most users. However there...
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Free WordPress FOOD or Product Menu for WooCommerce plugin by Saiful IslamFree

FOOD or Product Menu for WooCommerce

by Saiful Islam
WooCommerce products display in one page by shortcode. Fully responsive and mobile friendly. Easily customizable – color,background,title,text color etc.FOOD or Product...
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Free WordPress Moo Collapsing Archives plugin by 3dolabFree

Moo Collapsing Archives

by 3dolab
This is a relatively simple plugin that uses Javascript based on MooTools framework tomake the Archive links in the sidebar collapsable by year and/or month. Fork of Rob Felty’s...
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Free WordPress pjax menu plugin by Dobie GillisFree

pjax menu

by Dobie Gillis
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Free WordPress Nice Fixed Menu plugin by Manu225Free

Nice Fixed Menu

by Manu225
Display a nice custom fixed menu on your webiste. You can choose :– menu position (top, bottom, left or right)– font size– icons size– for each menu...
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Free WordPress Restaurant Food Menu for WooCommerce plugin by UpScaleThoughtFree

Restaurant Food Menu for WooCommerce

by UpScaleThought
“Restaurant Food Menu for WooCommerce” plugin is a woocommerce product listing quick shop page lists all products category wise and create a product...
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Free WordPress Beaverlodge Transparent Header plugin by Beaverlodge HQFree

Beaverlodge Transparent Header

by Beaverlodge HQ
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Free WordPress Foodlist plugin by ArtprimaFree


by Artprima
Foodlist is a plugin for restaurants, cafés, bars, etc. that want to display their menus online. With this plugin you can easily manage your menus (the same way as you do...
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Free WordPress DamnSexyBookmarks plugin by Norman YungFree


by Norman Yung
= UPDATE v.1.0.2=All additions made in DamnSexyBookmarks have been merged into to SexyBookmarks. I’ll continue working on changes there.1.0 First ReleaseBased on Josh...
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Free WordPress DynamicWP Fisheye Menu plugin by Reza ErauansyahFree

DynamicWP Fisheye Menu

by Reza Erauansyah
DynamicWP fisheye menu is a jQuery wordpress plugin, this plugin will build a Fisheye menu from a list of links. Like Mac OS user interface at the bottom of the screen, where...
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Free WordPress WP Group Menu plugin by Kevon AdonisFree

WP Group Menu

by Kevon Adonis
This plugin adds a universal top menu among WordPress sister websites.Administrators may manage menus from one central location (a master site) and use the client plugin (pending)...
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Free WordPress WP Spark Menu plugin by Bonfire ThemesFree

WP Spark Menu

by Bonfire Themes
Spark is a one-of-a-kind menu plugin for WordPress. It may appear tiny and modest at first glance, its uses however can be many and varied. Spark is also delightfully animated...
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Free WordPress Right Click Menu plugin by Suman BiswasFree

Right Click Menu

by Suman Biswas
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Free WordPress ResRes plugin by Dean RobinsonFree


by Dean Robinson
ResRes is a fully featured restaurant reservation and menu system. Create custom menus to show off your dishes, and allow your customers to easily reserve a table online.FeaturesEasily...
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