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Free WordPress Easy Bubble Menu plugin by Enmanuel CorvoFree

Easy Bubble Menu

by Enmanuel Corvo
Enhance your site by adding an elegant supplementary menu.WYSIWYG – Easily build supplementary menus builder tool. Add links with custom icon and built-in animations.Menu...
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Free WordPress Dropdown multisite selector plugin by alordielFree

Dropdown multisite selector

by alordiel
Do you need a way to give your visitors the option to navigate easily from your site other sites (multisite)?This plugin will give you the option to configure a small select/dropdown...
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Free WordPress Awesome Sticky Header by DevCanyon plugin by DevCanyonFree

Awesome Sticky Header by DevCanyon

by DevCanyon
For support requests please use our dedicated support forums.Get maximum control over your sticky header. Set your menu, submenus, secondary menu, search, your colors, backgrounds...
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Free WordPress RestaurantPress plugin by WPEverestFree


by WPEverest
Allows you to create awesome restaurant menus for restaurants, bars, and cafes in no time. The plugin provides modern responsive menu templates that adapt to any devices...
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Free WordPress Responsive Navigation plugin by Mudit KumawatFree

Responsive Navigation

by Mudit Kumawat
Worpdress Responsive Navigation Plugin will help You to convert WordPress menu to responsive menu and It’s easily customizable form wordpress admin .Multi-level menu...
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Free WordPress Accordeon Menu CK plugin by Cédric KEIFLINFree

Accordeon Menu CK

by Cédric KEIFLIN
Accordeon Menu CK shows an accordion menu in any sidebar position. Just create a WordPress menu, select this menu in a Accordeon Menu CK widget and that’s it.FeaturesStyling...
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Free WordPress Simple Retail Menus plugin by Jesse CortezFree

Simple Retail Menus

by Jesse Cortez
Perfect for salon, restaurant, and retail store websites, as well as many other applications. Simple Retail Menus lets you create and manage menu-type lists for display in...
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Free WordPress Meta slider and carousel with lightbox plugin by WP Online SupportFree

Meta slider and carousel with lightbox

by WP Online Support
A very simple plugin to add gallery meta box in your post, page and and create a Image gallery menu tab in WordPress menu section and display Gallery on frontend of your website...
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Free WordPress Vertical Image Menu plugin by Benedikt MorschheuserFree

Vertical Image Menu

by Benedikt Morschheuser
Vertical Image Menu: A easy WordPress Plugin that allows you to build a vertical scrolling menu.After the installation, you will find an admin interface, with which you can...
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Free WordPress Responsive Vertical Icon Menu plugin by wpdevartFree

Responsive Vertical Icon Menu

by wpdevart
WordPress Responsive Vertical Icon Menu plugin is an nice and handy plugin for showing your menus in widget. It’s very simple to use. There are a lot of style and font...
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Free WordPress Awesome Social Icons plugin by Daniyal AhmedFree

Awesome Social Icons

by Daniyal Ahmed
By simply inserting links from Admin Dashboard under Settings Menu, one can show social media icons on the website. This plugin provides very attractive interfacewhich allows...
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Free WordPress Superfish Menus plugin by Matt HodderFree

Superfish Menus

by Matt Hodder
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Free WordPress Timeline and History slider plugin by WP Online SupportFree

Timeline and History slider

by WP Online Support
Easy to add and display history OR timeline for your WordPress website. This plugin create a “Timeline Slider” menu tab with a custom post type to your wordpress...
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Free WordPress Canvas Mobile Menu Addition plugin by Liran CohenFree

Canvas Mobile Menu Addition

by Liran Cohen
WordPress WooThemes’ Canvas Mobile Menu Addition. Hides sub-menus in mobile mode and shows them only when clicked.This will add the display:none property to all sub-menus...
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Free WordPress bootstrap main menu responsive plugin by JarimFree

bootstrap main menu responsive

by Jarim
bootstrap-main-menu-responsive: is your perfect bootstrap menu for both computers and mobiles. You can Choose between fixed at top, fixed at bottom, normal, inverse, etc.For...
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Free WordPress Flexy Breadcrumb plugin by PressTigersFree

Flexy Breadcrumb

by PressTigers
Plugin FeaturesSEO Friendly(added schema structure).Use via [flexy_breadcrumb] shortcode. Allow users to change breadcrumb separator.Set Home text and End text.Set Word/Character...
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Free WordPress Restaurant Menu Cart plugin by MotoPressFree

Restaurant Menu Cart

by MotoPress
This plugin installs a shopping cart button in the navigation bar. Plugin options:Display cart icon, or only items/prices.Display items only, price only, or both.Display always...
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Free WordPress TinyNav plugin by BeeeFree


by Beee
This plugin adds TinyNav.js to your wp_head() so your menu(s) will be converted into a menu which is better readable on mobile screens.This plugin is based on Viljami Salminen’s...
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