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Free WordPress My Bootstrap Menu plugin by Michael CarderFree

My Bootstrap Menu

by Michael Carder
My Boostrap Menu is a fully customizable plugin that applies the Bootstrap formatting classes to any WordPress Navigation Menu. Bootstrap provides responsive menus for phones...
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Free WordPress Responsive Menu Card | Price List Items plugin by Quality CodesFree

Responsive Menu Card | Price List Items

by Quality Codes
A customisable and responsive menu card for your site.Display:Same like post/pages section of your site, it creates another custom post type name Menu Card.Under this section...
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Free WordPress WP Blog and Widget plugin by WP Online SupportFree

WP Blog and Widget

by WP Online Support
WP Blog and Widget plugin add a Blog custom post type, blog widget to your WordPress site. WP Blog adds a Blog tab to your admin menu, which allows you to enter Blog post...
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Free WordPress Superfish Dropdown Menu Widget plugin by Matt SayFree

Superfish Dropdown Menu Widget

by Matt Say
This is a navigation widget that can be used for pages & for categories. Dropdown is based on Superfish JQuery plugin by Joel Birch. You can use as many as you like...
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Free WordPress JQuery Drill Down Ipod Menu Widget plugin by Lee ChestnuttFree

JQuery Drill Down Ipod Menu Widget

by Lee Chestnutt
Creates a widget, which allows you to create a drill down ipod style menu from any WordPress custom menu using jQuery. Drill down menus are ideal for managing large, complicated...
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Free WordPress PopBox For Elementor plugin by Zulfikar NoreFree

PopBox For Elementor

by Zulfikar Nore
PopBox for Elementor allows the creation of beautiful templates with Elementor Page Builder for use with the included Popbox overlay script.An Admin menu will be added on...
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Free WordPress SuperSlider-Menu plugin by Daiv MowbrayFree


by Daiv Mowbray
This is your Animated menu plugin that uses Mootools 1.4.5 javascript to form a multi-level collapsable menu widget in your sidebar for your categories and posts. Automatic...
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Free WordPress Shop Menu plugin by Hideki TanakaFree

Shop Menu

by Hideki Tanaka
Shop Menuは、商品/メニュー一覧を表示するプラグインです。任意の固定ページや投稿に商品/メニュー一覧を表示することができます。商品/メニュー一覧には、商品のアイキャッチ画像、商品名、商品価格が自動的に表示されます。特徴商品/メニュー一覧で商品価格の表示・非表示を設定できます一度に表示する商品/メニューの件数を設定できますAjaxを使って商品/メニュー一覧を表示することで、一覧性と高速な表示を両立しています詳細な使用方法はこちらです:...
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Free WordPress Category Specific RSS feed Subscription plugin by Tips and Tricks HQ, Ruhul AminFree

Category Specific RSS feed Subscription

by Tips and Tricks HQ, Ruhul Amin
This WordPress Plugin allows you to present a menu with multiple RSS feed subscription option to your site’s visitors in addition to your normal RSS subscription option.If...
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Free WordPress WP Spry Menu plugin by takienFree

WP Spry Menu

by takien
#WARNING: This plugin is no longer developed and maintained.The existence of WP Spry Menu is that one day, WordPress doesn’t have option to create menu, so I created...
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Free WordPress Admin Menu plugin by Denis de Bernardy & Mike KoepkeFree

Admin Menu

by Denis de Bernardy & Mike Koepke
This plugin has been retired. No further development will occur on it. With a menu bar built into WordPress and the fact other plugins hook into that, this plugin conflicts...
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Free WordPress Accordion Menu plugin by Bruce DrummondFree

Accordion Menu

by Bruce Drummond
Accordion Menu is a simple jquery accordion menu plugin for WordPress. It enables an accordion menu for your Pages and Categories sidebar widget. It works for upto 3 levels...
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Free WordPress Hamburger Icon Menu Lite plugin by borisolhorFree

Hamburger Icon Menu Lite

by borisolhor
Are you looking for a beautifully simple, yet fully functional, Hamburger Icon Fly-out Menu for WordPress?Look no further!This easy to install WordPress plugin will deliver...
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Free WordPress Genesis mobile & sticky menu plugin by Roni MarinkovicFree

Genesis mobile & sticky menu

by Roni Marinkovic
Note: Needs Genesis framework to work – get GenesisFeatures in Genesis mobile menu plugin include:Adds hamburger style mobile menu for screens smaller than defined width.You...
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Free WordPress Sticky Header by ThematoSoup plugin by ThematoSoupFree

Sticky Header by ThematoSoup

by ThematoSoup
For support requests please use our dedicated support forums.The Sticky Header WordPress plugin makes your header visible at all times. It’s a great feature that allows...
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Free WordPress FitVids for WordPress plugin by Kevin DeesFree

FitVids for WordPress

by Kevin Dees
This plugin makes videos responsive using the FitVids jQuery plugin on WordPress.The options page is located on the dashboard menu under Appearance as “FitVids”...
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Free WordPress All In Menu – Header menu creator plugin by CookForWebFree

All In Menu – Header menu creator

by CookForWeb
Create dynamic and responsive menus easily.DEMO PAGE: http://allinmenu.cookforweb.comNow you can easily create as many header menus as you want for your wordpress site. You...
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Free WordPress Fixed Menu Anchor plugin by Konrad Abicht, Marc SauerwaldFree

Fixed Menu Anchor

by Konrad Abicht, Marc Sauerwald
If you are using a sticky, fixed menu in your WordPress theme, this plugin is the best to deal with the menu overlapping your anchored content. Insert exact menu height to...
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Free WordPress Restaurant Menu – Food Ordering System – Table Reservation plugin by GloriaFoodFree

Restaurant Menu – Food Ordering System – Table Reservation

by GloriaFood
This plugin is all you need to turn your restaurant website into an online business. Using a simple and friendly interface you get a restaurant menu, online food ordering...
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Free WordPress Iconic Navigation plugin by CadrosFree

Iconic Navigation

by Cadros
Upload image icon of a desired size and format to any menu item or chose from over 1400 ready font icons that you can style whatever appeals to you. All you do is click, choose...
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