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Free WordPress Simple Photo Gallery plugin by Tips and Tricks HQ, Peter PetreskiFree

Simple Photo Gallery

by Tips and Tricks HQ, Peter Petreski
If you are looking for an effective, reliable, yet simple to use photo gallery plugin, then you will love this one!Setting up your gallery literally takes a couple of minutes...
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Free WordPress CSSIgniter Shortcodes plugin by The TeamFree

CSSIgniter Shortcodes

by The Team
This shortcodes plugin, has been created to complement and be used mainly with CSSIgniter’s premium and free themes. But of course, anyone can use it with any theme.A...
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Free WordPress Tabby Responsive Tabs plugin by cubecolourFree

Tabby Responsive Tabs

by cubecolour
Adds a set of horizontal tabs which changes to an accordion on narrow viewportsTabs and accordion are created with jQuerySupports multiple sets of tabs on same pageUses Semantic...
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Free WordPress WP Slick Slider and Image Carousel plugin by WP Online SupportFree

WP Slick Slider and Image Carousel

by WP Online Support
Display multiple slick image slider and carousel using shortcode with category. Fully responsive, Swipe enabled, Desktop mouse dragging and Infinite looping. Fully accessible...
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Free WordPress VR jScrollPane Shortcode plugin by Rajesh Kannan MJFree

VR jScrollPane Shortcode

by Rajesh Kannan MJ
This plugin will embed a scrolling content section with jScrollPane.You can get more information on this plugin VR jScrollPane Shortcode.Please support my work by visiting...
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Free WordPress Theme Blvd Responsive Google Maps plugin by Jason BobichFree

Theme Blvd Responsive Google Maps

by Jason Bobich
How To UseAfter activating the plugin you can use the shortcode [tb_google_map] to display a Google Map.Example:[tb_google_map address="6921 Brayton Drive, Anchorage, Alaska"]Shortcode...
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Free WordPress The Social Links plugin by Leaps+BoundsFree

The Social Links

by Leaps+Bounds
Note: Development for The Social Links happens on Github. Please submit an issue there.The Social Links plugin adds a widget and shortcode to your WordPress website allowing...
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Free WordPress WP Social Bookmarking Light plugin by utahtaFree

WP Social Bookmarking Light

by utahta
This plugin inserts social share links at the top or bottom of each post.For theme developers, social share links can be added by PHP code or by using shortcode. Check documentation...
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Free WordPress WP show more plugin by JAMOS Web ServiceFree

WP show more

by JAMOS Web Service
This plugin hides the text that is defined between the simple Shortcode. By clicking on the user-defined link, the hidden text becomes visible. It works via a Shortcode and...
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Free WordPress Decent Comments plugin by itthinxFree

Decent Comments

by itthinx
Decent Comments shows what people say.If you want to show comments along with their author’s avatars and an excerpt of their comment, then this is the right plugin for...
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Free WordPress Contact Form With Shortcode plugin by aviplugins.comFree

Contact Form With Shortcode

This is a contact form plugin. You can use widgets and shortcodes to display contact form in your theme. Unlimited number of dynamic fields can me created for contact froms...
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Free WordPress Documents Shortcode plugin by Dougal CampbellFree

Documents Shortcode

by Dougal Campbell
By adding a simple [documents] shortcode in your post or page, you get alist of all documents (non-image/audio/video) attached. Each item in thedocument list can be styled...
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Free WordPress Custom css-js-php plugin by flippercodeFree

Custom css-js-php

by flippercode
Custom CSS-JS-PHP is a very innovative idea to keep seperate your custom code from plugins & themes so you can upgradeyour plugins & themes without losing any change...
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Free WordPress Simple Contact Form Revisited Widget plugin by Alexander ZagniotovFree

Simple Contact Form Revisited Widget

by Alexander Zagniotov
A simple, yet elegant email contact form plugin that installs as a widget. The contact form widget is using jQuery for validation. In addition, the widget makes it difficult...
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Free WordPress JJ NextGen JQuery Slider plugin by JJ CoderFree

JJ NextGen JQuery Slider

by JJ Coder
The ‘JJ NextGen JQuery Slider’ allows you to create a ‘Nivo slider’ ( as a widget or as a shortcode.This plugin uses the...
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Free WordPress Testimonials plugin by ThemepointsFree


by Themepoints
Testimonials are easy to use the plugin that allows users to add Testimonials to the sidebar, as a widget, or to embed testimonials into a Page or Post using the shortcode...
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Free WordPress Beatport Discography shortcode plugin by Federico GiustFree

Beatport Discography shortcode

by Federico Giust
WordPress plugin that adds a shortcode on posts or pages to read the artist discography using the Beatport API.This plugin gets the feed on request and on the fly, so there...
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Free WordPress Event List plugin by mibuthuFree

Event List

by mibuthu
The purpose of this plugin is to to show a list of events with date, time, content, location, etc. on your site by using a shortcode or a widget.Current FeaturesAdmin pages...
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Free WordPress Shortcode Table of Contents plugin by James KempFree

Shortcode Table of Contents

by James Kemp
Simply use the [toc content=".your-container"] shortcode to automatically generate a table of contents for any HTML container.The shortcode accepts a number of parameters:content...
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Free WordPress Quick Contact Form plugin by aerinFree

Quick Contact Form

by aerin
A really, really simple GDPR compliant drag and drop contact form. There is nothing to configure, all you have to do is set up your email address and add the shortcode to...
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