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Free WordPress Quotes Shortcode and Widget plugin by OTWthemesFree

Quotes Shortcode and Widget

by OTWthemes
It is easy to create all different kinds of Quotes for your WordPress site. Insert Quotes anywhere in your site – page/post editor, sidebars, template files. No coding...
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Free WordPress Weaver Show Posts plugin by wpweaverFree

Weaver Show Posts

by wpweaver
This plugin provides a very flexible way to show posts anywhere on a site using a shortcode. It works with any theme. Weaver Show Posts is by far the most flexible with an...
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Free WordPress BuddyPress Activity Shortcode plugin by BuddyDevFree

BuddyPress Activity Shortcode

by BuddyDev
BuddyPress Activity shortcode plugin allows you to insert BuddyPress activity stream on any page/post using shortcode. It has a lot of flexibility built in the shortcode.You...
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Free WordPress Very Simple Contact Form plugin by GuidoFree

Very Simple Contact Form

by Guido
AboutThis is a lightweight plugin to create a customized contact form.Add shortcode [contact] on a page or use the widget to display your form.Form only contains fields for...
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Free WordPress Responsive Tabs plugin by WP DarkoFree

Responsive Tabs

by WP Darko
This plugin adds a “Tabs” section to the admin panel which allows you to create tabbed content for your website the easy way. You can quickly add your content to your...
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Free WordPress Yelp Widget Pro plugin by WP Business ReviewsFree

Yelp Widget Pro

by WP Business Reviews
Yelp Widget ProYelp Widget Pro allows you to easily display Yelp reviews and profiles for any business on your website easily configurable widget. Yelp Widget Pro users are...
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Free WordPress Advanced Random Posts Widget plugin by Theme JunkieFree

Advanced Random Posts Widget

by Theme Junkie
This plugin will enable a custom, flexible and advanced random posts. It allows you to display a list of random posts via shortcode or widget with thumbnail, excerpt and post...
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Free WordPress Slickr Flickr plugin by Russell JamiesonFree

Slickr Flickr

by Russell Jamieson
Displays Flickr photos as a gallery, a galleria, or an unbranded slideshow (i.e. not Flickr’s own slideshow widget)Uses “slickr-flickr” shortcode to make...
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Free WordPress Shortcode Press plugin by shaidFree

Shortcode Press

by shaid
Using Shortcode Press, this plugin will allow you to easily insert message boxes, buttons, video and highlighted text into your WordPress posts and pages. You will find...
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Free WordPress WP Category Post List Widget plugin by SwashataFree

WP Category Post List Widget

by Swashata
WP Category Posts List is a WordPress Widget & Shortcode plugin to show your posts filtered by category.Built on the latest WP widget class, it has multiple widget instance...
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Free WordPress Easy Responsive Shortcodes plugin by wpCMSdevFree

Easy Responsive Shortcodes

by wpCMSdev
This plugin provides a full set of easy-to-use shortcodes for creating columns, buttons, tabs, icons, and much more. It’s been designed especially for use in responsive...
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Free WordPress Contact Form Manager plugin by xyzscripts.comFree

Contact Form Manager

A quick look into Contact Form Manager :★ HTML editor to design contact form content★ Customize contact form fields without replacing shortcode everytime★ Supports text...
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Free WordPress Simply Instagram plugin by Rolly G. Bueno Jr.Free

Simply Instagram

by Rolly G. Bueno Jr.
The Simply Instagram plugin display your Instagram photos in three Endpoints that Instagram offers through shortcode for Post and Page or using Widget.This plugin requires...
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Free WordPress Smoothness Slider Shortcode plugin by Noel Jarencio.Free

Smoothness Slider Shortcode

by Noel Jarencio.
Smoothness Slider Shortcode is a WordPress Plugin for creating dynamic slider for posts and pages. You can place the slider to any post(s) or page(s) you want by placing the...
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Free WordPress Woocommerce Social Media Share Buttons plugin by Toastie StudioFree

Woocommerce Social Media Share Buttons

by Toastie Studio
By default the plugin adds social media share buttons to your woocommerce store products page (just below the ‘add to cart’ button). With the addition of a shortcode...
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Free WordPress PickPlugins Product Slider for WooCommerce plugin by PickPluginsFree

PickPlugins Product Slider for WooCommerce

by PickPlugins
A premium quality carousel slider to slide your woo-commerce product. easy to use via shortcode anywhereWoocommerce Products Slider by http://pickplugins.comBuy Premium !»See...
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Free WordPress Grid Columns plugin by Justin TadlockFree

Grid Columns

by Justin Tadlock
This plugin has one function and one function only — to make columns. You use it by inputting content between [column] and [/column] within your post content editor...
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Free WordPress Display Pages Shortcode plugin by Paul AngellFree

Display Pages Shortcode

by Paul Angell
The Display Pages Shortcode was written to allow users to easily display listings of pages without knowing PHP or editing template files, it is based heavily on the [display-posts]...
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Free WordPress Cleaner Gallery plugin by Justin TadlockFree

Cleaner Gallery

by Justin Tadlock
This plugin was written to take care of the invalid HTML that WordPress produces when using the [gallery] shortcode.It does a bit more than that though. It will integrate...
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Free WordPress Progress Bar plugin by Chris ReynoldsFree

Progress Bar

by Chris Reynolds
This plugin does one thing: it creates a simple (but nice-looking) CSS3 progress bar that you can style with your own CSS and use wherever you want with a simple shortcode...
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