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Free WordPress Recent Facebook Posts plugin by Danny van KootenFree

Recent Facebook Posts

by Danny van Kooten
This plugin adds a widget, a shortcode [recent_facebook_posts] and a template function recent_facebook_posts() to your WordPress website which you can use to list your most...
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Free WordPress WP Register Profile With Shortcode plugin by aviplugins.comFree

WP Register Profile With Shortcode

This is a simple registration form in the widget. The form is responsive. just install the plugin and add the register widget in the sidebar. Change some ‘optional’...
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Free WordPress Weaver Themes Shortcode Compatibility plugin by Bruce WamplerFree

Weaver Themes Shortcode Compatibility

by Bruce Wampler
This plugin provides shortcode compatibility between Weaver II, Aspen, Weaver Xtreme, and any other WordPress theme.Weaver II Shortcodes SupportedThe following Weaver II shortcodes...
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Free WordPress Carousel Slider plugin by Sayful IslamFree

Carousel Slider

by Sayful Islam
Create SEO friendly Image, Logo, Video, Post, WooCommerce Product Carousel and Slider.Carousel Slider is a touch enabled WordPress plugin that lets you create highly customizable...
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Free WordPress CC Child Pages plugin by Caterham ComputingFree

CC Child Pages

by Caterham Computing
CC Child Pages is a simple plugin to show links to child pages via a shortcode.Child Pages are displayed in responsive boxes, and include the page title, an excerpt and...
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Free WordPress Etsy Shop plugin by Frédéric SheedyFree

Etsy Shop

by Frédéric Sheedy
Plugin that allow you to insert Etsy Shop sections in pages or posts using the bracket/shortcode method. This enable Etsy users to share their products through their blog!Feature...
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Free WordPress Accordion plugin by PickPluginsFree


by PickPlugins
Accordion content create wasn’t easy before, you will really love how its works and display accordion content on your page or anywhere via shortcode.Accordions by http://pickplugins.comAccordions...
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Free WordPress Amazon Link plugin by Paul StuttardFree

Amazon Link

by Paul Stuttard
This plugin is used to quickly add Amazon products links to your WordPress posts and pages. The product links can be simple text links, thumbnail images, full-size images...
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Free WordPress Advanced Facebook Twitter Widget & Shortcode plugin by Shahaji DeshmukhFree

Advanced Facebook Twitter Widget & Shortcode

by Shahaji Deshmukh
Facebook & Twitter Integration widget is made to display your Facebook & Twitter profiles of your brand on your website(See Screenshots). This widget is built to increase...
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Free WordPress Ivory Search – WordPress Search Plugin plugin by Ivory SearchFree

Ivory Search – WordPress Search Plugin

by Ivory Search
Ivory Search is a simple to use advanced WordPress search plugin.It enhances the default WordPress search and also allows you to create new custom search forms.With Ivory...
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Free WordPress YouTube Channel plugin by Aleksandar UroševićFree

YouTube Channel

by Aleksandar Urošević
When you need to display sidebar widget with latest or random video from some YouTube channel or playlist, use plugin YouTube Channel!Simply insert widget to sidebar or shortcode...
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Free WordPress Shortcode Toggle plugin by AreflyFree

Shortcode Toggle

by Arefly
Need some toggles (Click to Open/Close) to make your post better?Now you can use this plugin to add Useful Toggles to your blog!You just need to type the shortcode [toggle]...
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Free WordPress Post Content Shortcodes plugin by cgrymalaFree

Post Content Shortcodes

by cgrymala
This plugin adds two shortcodes that allow you to display either the content of a post or a list of posts within the content area of a post. This plugin should be fully compatible...
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Free WordPress WordPress File Upload plugin by Nickolas BossinasFree

WordPress File Upload

by Nickolas Bossinas
With this plugin you or other users can upload files to your site from any page, post or sidebar easily and securely.Simply put the shortcode [wordpress_file_upload] to the...
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Free WordPress Bootstrap Shortcodes plugin by Kevin AttfieldFree

Bootstrap Shortcodes

by Kevin Attfield
WordPress plugin to add shortcodes for Twitter Bootstrap 3.3Latest BootstrapBootstrap Shortcodes allow quick and easy implementation of Twitter Bootstrap components through...
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Free WordPress Alligator Popup plugin by cubecolourFree

Alligator Popup

by cubecolour
This plugin allows you to enter a shortcode to add links to pages/posts which will be opened in a popup window. The only options in Alligator popup are entered in the shortcode...
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Free WordPress oik plugin by bobbingwideFree


by bobbingwide
The oik base plugin provides a series of advanced WordPress shortcodes that help you display dynamic content from your website’s pages, posts, attachments, links and...
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Free WordPress Flo Instagram plugin by FlothemesFree

Flo Instagram

by Flothemes
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Free WordPress WPi Designer Button plugin by woopraliFree

WPi Designer Button

by wooprali
WPi Designer Button Shortcode plugin is good CSS3 Button Generator, Anyone can create Buttons, Call-To-Action (CTA) & Share Buttons in WordPress. It has small designer...
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Free WordPress Logo Slider plugin by Maeve LanderFree

Logo Slider

by Maeve Lander
Add a responsive logo slideshow carousel to your site quickly and easily. Embed in any post/page using shortcode or in your theme.Perfect for displaying a list of sponsor...
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