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Free WordPress Cookie Notice for GDPR plugin by dFactoryFree

Cookie Notice for GDPR

by dFactory
Cookie Notice allows you to elegantly inform users that your site uses cookies and to comply with the EU cookie law GDPR regulations.For more information, check out plugin...
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Free WordPress Events Maker by dFactory plugin by dFactoryFree

Events Maker by dFactory

by dFactory
Events Maker is a fully featured event management plugin from dFactory including recurring events, locations management, full calendar, iCal feed/files support and google...
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Free WordPress Responsive Lightbox & Gallery plugin by dFactoryFree

Responsive Lightbox & Gallery

by dFactory
Responsive Lightbox & Gallery allows users to create galleries and view larger versions of images, galleries and videos in a lightbox (overlay) effect optimized for mobile...
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Free WordPress Post Views Counter plugin by dFactoryFree

Post Views Counter

by dFactory
Post Views Counter allows you to display how many times a post, page or custom post type had been viewed with this simple, fast and easy to use plugin.For more information...
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Free WordPress Math Captcha plugin by dFactoryFree

Math Captcha

by dFactory
Math Captcha is a 100% effective and easy to use CAPTCHA for WordPress that seamlessly integrates into login, registration, lost password, comments, bbPress and Contact For...
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Free WordPress Image Watermark plugin by dFactoryFree

Image Watermark

by dFactory
Image Watermark allows you to automatically watermark images uploaded to the WordPress Media Library and bulk watermark previously uploaded images.For more information, check...
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Free WordPress Download Attachments plugin by dFactoryFree

Download Attachments

by dFactory
Download Attachments is a new approach to managing downloads in WordPress. Instead of bloated interface it enables simple, drag & drop and AJAX driven metabox where you...
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Free WordPress Post Ratings plugin by dFactoryFree

Post Ratings

by dFactory
Post Ratings is a simple, developer-friendly, straightforward post rating plugin. Relies on post meta to store avg. rating / vote count.For more information, check out plugin...
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Free WordPress News Manager plugin by dFactoryFree

News Manager

by dFactory
News Manager is a complete news management plugin for WordPress. It allows you to add, manage and display news on your WordPress site, including date archives, AJAX News Calendar...
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Free WordPress Widget Icon plugin by dFactoryFree

Widget Icon

by dFactory
Widget Icon enhances your website with 640+ beautiful icons from Font Awesome and Elusive font libraries designed for Twitter Bootstrap. You just select a font library, select...
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Free WordPress Ajaxed Comments plugin by dFactoryFree

Ajaxed Comments

by dFactory
Ajaxed Comments seamlessly integrates into WordPress comments system and allows you to edit comments for a limited time, moderate and edit comments in AJAX, display error...
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