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Free WordPress DuracellTomi's Google Tag Manager for WordPress plugin by Thomas GeigerFree

DuracellTomi's Google Tag Manager for WordPress

by Thomas Geiger
Google Tag Manager (GTM) is Google’s free tool for everyone to manage and deploy analytics and marketing tags as well as other code snippetsusing an intuitive web UI...
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Free WordPress WP-PageNavi plugin by Lester 'GaMerZ' ChanFree


by Lester 'GaMerZ' Chan
Want to replace the old ← Older posts | Newer posts → links with some page links?This plugin provides the wp_pagenavi() template tag which generates fancy pagination...
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Free WordPress Cool Tag Cloud plugin by WPKubeFree

Cool Tag Cloud

by WPKube
The plugin renders a tag cloud using a professionally designed tag image as a background.The plugin’s tag cloud is completely responsive and is correctly rendered in...
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Free WordPress WP Category Tag Cloud plugin by Henri BenoitFree

WP Category Tag Cloud

by Henri Benoit
WP Category Tag Cloud provides a configurable widget displaying a cloud of tags, categories or any other taxonomy.The cloud elements can be displayed in different ways (see...
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Free WordPress Google Site Verification plugin using Meta Tag plugin by Himanshu ParasharFree

Google Site Verification plugin using Meta Tag

by Himanshu Parashar
Simply insert your google meta tag verification code using this helpful plugin.Once your blog is verified, you can get your search statistics, Malware warning, Index status...
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Free WordPress 3D Tag Cloud plugin by Vinoj CardozaFree

3D Tag Cloud

by Vinoj Cardoza
3D Tag Cloud allows you to display your site’s tags using jquery that rotates the tags in 3D.It works just like a regular tags cloud, but is more visually exciting...
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Free WordPress QR Code Tag plugin by Dennis D. SpreenFree

QR Code Tag

by Dennis D. Spreen
The QR Code Tag plugin creates QRCodes for your blog.Features:Choose your QR Code generator: Google Chart API (online connection required) or QR Code Lib (included)Uses cURL...
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Free WordPress Meteor Slides plugin by Josh LeuzeFree

Meteor Slides

by Josh Leuze
Meteor Slides makes it simple to create slideshows and publish them with a shortcode, widget, or template tag. The slideshows scale with responsive and fluid themes to fit...
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Free WordPress Tag Groups plugin by Chatty MangoFree

Tag Groups

by Chatty Mango
Organize your tags in groups. Use a highly customizable tag cloud (tabs or accordion).Most websites mix up tags that should actually be separated by topics: places, people...
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Free WordPress Conditional Fields for Contact Form 7 plugin by Jules ColleFree

Conditional Fields for Contact Form 7

by Jules Colle
This plugin adds conditional logic to Contact Form 7.If you edit your CF7 form, you will see an additional tag called “Conditional fields Group”. Everything you...
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Free WordPress Taxonomy Images plugin by Michael Fields, Ben HusonFree

Taxonomy Images

by Michael Fields, Ben Huson
Displaying Your Images in Your ThemeThere are a few filters that you can use in your theme to display the image associations created by this plugin. Please read below for...
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Free WordPress Update Image Tag Alt Attribute plugin by Maui MarketingFree

Update Image Tag Alt Attribute

by Maui Marketing
This is a alt text modification plugin. It will take all empty alt tags and create a tag based upon the page they are attached to. This is best used when you have properly...
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Free WordPress Features by WooThemes plugin by WooThemesFree

Features by WooThemes

by WooThemes
“Features by WooThemes” is a clean and easy-to-use features showcase management system for WordPress. Load in the features your product, company or services offers...
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Free WordPress Multi-column Tag Map plugin by Alan JacksonFree

Multi-column Tag Map

by Alan Jackson
Multi-column Tag Map displays a columnized and alphabetical (English) listing of all tags, categories, pages, posts, single custom post types or single taxonomies used in...
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Free WordPress AccessPress Instagram Feed plugin by AccessPress ThemesFree

AccessPress Instagram Feed

by AccessPress Themes
Homepage | Documentation | Support | Demo | Premium VersionAccessPress Instagram Feed is a Free WordPress plugin to display your instagram post image in mosaic view. A perfect...
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Free WordPress User Submitted Posts plugin by Jeff StarrFree

User Submitted Posts

by Jeff Starr
The #1 Plugin for User-Generated Content!Enable visitors to submit posts from the frontend of your site.User Submitted Posts (USP) adds a frontend form via template tag or...
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Free WordPress Posts for Page plugin by Simon HibbardFree

Posts for Page

by Simon Hibbard
Include posts in a Page, by category, a selection of tags or by author with an auto summary (read more) option. Supports pagination when number of posts per page is specified.For...
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Free WordPress Search & Filter plugin by Designs & CodeFree

Search & Filter

by Designs & Code
Search & Filter is a simple search and filtering plugin for WordPress – it is an advancement of the WordPress search box.You can search by Category, Tag, Custo...
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Free WordPress Better Tag Cloud plugin by Nicolas KuttlerFree

Better Tag Cloud

by Nicolas Kuttler
I was pretty annoyed with the default tag cloud widget. It does a lot of things wrong, like inconsistent HTML markup and hardcoded font sizes. So I wanted to write my own...
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Free WordPress Tag Cloud Canvas plugin by Javier López ÚbedaFree

Tag Cloud Canvas

by Javier López Úbeda
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