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Free WordPress Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator plugin by Kyle GilmanFree

Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator

by Kyle Gilman
A plugin to make embedding videos, generating thumbnails, and encoding files easier.Still 100% free, but some advanced features will be converted to premium add-ons in the...
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Free WordPress What's New Generator plugin by Hideki TanakaFree

What's New Generator

by Hideki Tanaka
What’s New Generatorは、投稿、固定ページ、ウィジェットに新着情報を表示するプラグインです。新着情報の日付、タイトルは自動的に表示されます。また、タイトルをクリックすると該当のページが開きます。特徴期間を指定してタイトルにNEW!マークを表示させることができます。新着情報に表示するコンテンツに投稿または固定ページを設定できます。表示する件数を設定できます。表示順序は、公開日順・更新日順から選択できます。カテゴリを指定して記事の新着情報を表示させることができます。(投稿のみ)WordPre
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Free WordPress WordPress Button Plugin MaxButtons plugin by Max FoundryFree

WordPress Button Plugin MaxButtons

by Max Foundry
MaxButtons is a powerful WordPress button, share button and social icon plugin. Create great looking CSS3 WordPress buttons in a minute. Easy to understand. Our button editor...
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Free WordPress Table Generator plugin by WPGurusFree

Table Generator

by WPGurus
Do want to create visually-appealing and responsive comparison tables but don’t want to fiddle with HTML? If yes then you will find this plugin extremely useful. It...
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Free WordPress Child Theme Generator plugin by Serafino CorrieroFree

Child Theme Generator

by Serafino Corriero
A child theme is a WordPress template that inherits all features and characteristics of another theme, called the parent theme.Creating a child theme, it allows you to edit...
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Free WordPress Post List Generator plugin by WordPress Biz PluginFree

Post List Generator

by WordPress Biz Plugin
Post List Generatorは、記事(投稿、固定ページ)の一覧を表示するプラグインです。このページのような記事一覧ページを作成できます。記事一覧の日付、タイトルは自動的に表示されます。また、タイトルをクリックすると該当のページが開きます。特徴記事一覧に表示するコンテンツに投稿、固定ページ、投稿+固定ページを設定できます表示順序を公開日順・更新日順・タイトル順から選択できますAjaxを使って記事一覧を表示することで、一覧性と高速な表示を両立しています一度に表示する記事の件数を15件、30件、50件
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Free WordPress Favicon Generator plugin by Brandon Dove, Jeffrey ZinnFree

Favicon Generator

by Brandon Dove, Jeffrey Zinn
This plugin will allow you to upload an image in the format of a jpeg, gif or png and will convert the image into a favicon formatted file. This file will be placed in your...
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Free WordPress All In One Buttons: CSS3 Animated Button Generator for WordPress plugin by Brandon BellFree

All In One Buttons: CSS3 Animated Button Generator for WordPress

by Brandon Bell
Quickly create amazing CSS3 animated buttons from the WordPress visual editor.You could spend countless hours in Photoshop trying to create the perfect button, or create the...
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Free WordPress Featured Image Generator plugin by DesignilCodeFree

Featured Image Generator

by DesignilCode
Have you ever had a hard time looking for featured images for your website? This plug-in can search great and useful photos free license like and import to your...
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Free WordPress Form Generator for WordPress plugin by Trevor MontgomeryFree

Form Generator for WordPress

by Trevor Montgomery
Form Generator seamlessly delivers JotForm to your WordPress website. No more jumping back and forth between websites to edit forms, view submissions, and copy code!Form Generator...
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Free WordPress Countdown Timer – Widget Countdown plugin by wpdevartFree

Countdown Timer – Widget Countdown

by wpdevart
Our WordPress Countdown plugin allow website owners to create nice and functional timer just in a few minutes. This is the best way to create beautiful Timers for your users.You...
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Free WordPress Data Tables Generator by Supsystic plugin by supsystic.comFree

Data Tables Generator by Supsystic

Create and manage tables from the admin panel quickly, easily and effectively. Make data tables responsive with interactive charts and graphs, sorting, pagination, filtering...
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Free WordPress Companion Sitemap Generator plugin by Papin SchipperFree

Companion Sitemap Generator

by Papin Schipper
What is a sitemap?A sitemap is a list of pages of your website accessible to crawlers or users, typically organized in hierarchical fashion.Sitemaps make relationships between...
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Free WordPress Meks Flexible Shortcodes plugin by MeksFree

Meks Flexible Shortcodes

by Meks
Meks Shortcodes is a plugin for those who want to add some nice elements inside their post/page content. You can quickly insert all of them via user interface shortcodes generator...
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Free WordPress WPi Designer Button plugin by woopraliFree

WPi Designer Button

by wooprali
WPi Designer Button Shortcode plugin is good CSS3 Button Generator, Anyone can create Buttons, Call-To-Action (CTA) & Share Buttons in WordPress. It has small designer...
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Free WordPress Mango Buttons plugin by Phil BaylogFree

Mango Buttons

by Phil Baylog
Mango Buttons is a powerful button creation plugin that allows anyone to create great-looking CSS3 buttons that can be used anywhere on your site (no coding required!).Mango...
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Free WordPress WP Tabular – HTML Table Generator for WordPress plugin by ShaonFree

WP Tabular – HTML Table Generator for WordPress

by Shaon
WordPress Tabular Plugin is a very easy to Table Builder Plugin for WordPress. WordPress Tabular Plugin has Complete GUI for creating and sorting rows and columns without...
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Free WordPress WP PDF Generator plugin by wpexperts.ioFree

WP PDF Generator

Easy HTML to pdf Plugin that save your webpage as pdf format. You can use php function as well as shortcode to display pdf download button. You can select different icons...
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Free WordPress Podamibe Simple Footer Widget Area plugin by Podamibe NepalFree

Podamibe Simple Footer Widget Area

by Podamibe Nepal
Podamibe Simple Footer Widget Area is a free plugin which allows you to create footer areas from 1 – 7 depending upon the requirement of your theme. It provides you...
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Free WordPress WP QR Code Generator plugin by Team VivacityFree

WP QR Code Generator

by Team Vivacity
(Quick Response code) A two-dimensional bar code that is widely used to cause a Web page to download into the user’s smartphone when scanned with a mobile tagging app...
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